What are some K names for a boy?

What are some K names for a boy?

Top 100 Baby Boy Names That Start With KKaydenKevinKaiKingstonKaidenKingKarterKalebKadenKyle45 •

What boy name means precious?

Adal: This name with Old German roots means noble, preciousAdalgiso: This name is similar to Adal, but has a deeper meaning: noble, precious promiseAlain: Meaning precious, this name also has Old German roots.Alan: A traditional name we’re familiar with, this means precious

What are most attractive boy names?

The Grade’s hottest male names: Brett. Tyler. Corey. Andy. Noah. Shane. Jeffrey. Rob.

What names mean precious?

From names we’re familiar with like Aimee to more unusual choices like Caoimhe, perhaps you’ll find your favorite baby name here.Alaine: This is the French feminine form of the name Alana, and means “precious”Alamea: From a Hawaiian word, this means “ripe, precious”Alannah: Similar to Alaine, this means “precious”

What name means answered prayer?

Arabella is a wonderful name with several different meanings. It means “beautiful”, “obliging”, “yielding to prayer” and “answered prayer.” This little girl’s name is a true wonder, as it incorporates the popular “bella” but with a unique twist.

What name means wished for child?

Evelyn: This is a Hebrew name which means ‘wished-for child’. If you’ve ever wished upon a rainbow, you’ll know how beautifully relevant this name is. Nadia: This name originates from Nadezhda, a Slavic word which meaning ‘hope’.

What name means God sees?

Baby Girl Name: Jessa. Meaning: God Sees. Origin: Hebrew.

What name means strength of God?


What are some spiritual names?

18 Spiritual Baby Names That Are Full Of PowerDhruv (Dhruva) Origin: Sanskrit. Aadhya (Aadya, Adya) Origin: Sanskrit. Chava (Chaya, Hava, Ava, Eve) Origin: Hebrew. Ariel (Arielle, Ari) Origin: Hebrew. Khadija (Kadeeja, Kadejah, Kadesha, Kadija, Kadisha, Kadiya) Origin: Arabic. Salman (Salmaan) Origin: Arabic. Lydia (Lidia, Lydie) Origin: Greek. Titus. Origin: Latin.

What name means gentle spirit?

Jing (Chinese): This name means still, quiet and gentle. It is also one of few names that mean gentle spirit.

What girl name means spirit?


What are some K names for a boy?

What are some K names for a boy?

Baby Boy Names That Start With K

  • Kinsley.
  • Kayden.
  • Kingston.
  • Kaiden.
  • Kevin.
  • King.
  • Kaleb.
  • Kobe.

    Which name is best for Boy Hindu k?

    Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With K with Meanings

    Name Meaning Religion
    Kalith Understood Hindu
    Kalkin Tenth Incarnation of God Vishnu Hindu
    Kalmasa speckled with black, a form of agni Hindu
    Kalmesh Another Name of Lord Shiva Hindu

    What is the stupidest boy name?


    1. 1 – Abaddon. YIKES – translated into Hebrew, Abaddon means “Angel of death”.
    2. 2 – Alastor. Anyone considering naming their sprog after Mad Eye Moody in Harry Potter, think again.
    3. 3 – Azazel.
    4. 4 – Brennan.
    5. 5 – Brone.
    6. 6 – Byron.
    7. 7 – Calvin.
    8. 8 – Cameron.

    What does kanishk mean?

    Name :Kanishk. Meaning :An ancient king, Small, A king who followed buddhism, The meaning of the name is An Ancient King.

    What are some boy names that begin with the letter K?


  • Kaarle
  • Kaarlo
  • discoverer.
  • controller of anger.
  • Kabandha
  • Kachada. White man (Hopi).
  • Kadar
  • Kade. From the wetlands.
  • Kadeem

    What are some good names for a boy?

    Liam is the Number 1 name for boys in the US, followed by the biblical boys’ name Noah and the classic male names William and James. Boy names attracting interest in 2019 include Atticus, Milo, Jasper, Asher, Jack, and Theodore. The names climbing the popularity list the fastest include Amos, Atlas, Caspian, Elio, Otter,…

    What are some baby names that start with the letter K?

    Baby Boy Names That Start With K. Our list of boy names beginning with the letter K includes classic names like Kenneth and Kieran or more modern and stylish names like Kingsley and Kody.

    What does Boy name start with K?

    Southern American Boy Names That Start With K Kaine/Kane – little warrior Karson – son of Carr Keaton – place of hawks Keller – cellar Kelley – red-headed Kent – coastal land Kipling – cured salmon Knox – hilltop Kolten – coal town Kyrk – church Source

    What is the beautiful name for boy?

    Good Boy Names for Your Beautiful Baby

    Boone Good Latin
    Darien Gift Greek
    David Beloved Hebrew
    Dawson Son of David English
    Declan Full of goodness Irish

    What is the most loved name?

    Top 10 Baby Names of 2020

    Rank Male name Female name
    1 Liam Olivia
    2 Noah Emma
    3 Oliver Ava
    4 Elijah Charlotte