How many Chinese LoL players are there?

How many Chinese LoL players are there?

Now let’s compare to the 27 chinese servers with theirs astonishing 75 million ranked players (estimated from It means about 90% of lol players are chinese …

Total amount of League of Legends accounts (with china!)

Place Region Accounts
1. China 117.162.686
2. Europe West 21.362.005
3. North America 18.440.603
4. Korea 13.195.346

Is LoL good in 2020?

Definitely, the game is very fun with a huge amount of diversity. Totally worth it, it just takes a long time to learn everything. Like if you play as much as I did when I started out around 2012 it took me about three months to know all the champs, roles and items.

Is LoL big in China?

“LoL” — colloquially referred to as lu-a-lu in Chinese — has been China’s most popular PC title nearly every year since its official 2011 launch in the country, with an estimated 111 million Chinese playing the game in 2017. No way is League of Legends dying with an annual revenue of 1. 9 billion.

Does China own League of Legends?

Since 2011, Riot has been a subsidiary of Chinese conglomerate Tencent….Riot Games.

Logo used since 2019
Riot Games’ West Los Angeles headquarters (pictured in 2015)
Products League of Legends League of Legends: Wild Rift Legends of Runeterra Teamfight Tactics Valorant
Number of employees 2,500 (2018)
Parent Tencent (2011–present)

Who is the CEO of Tencent?

Ma Huateng

How can you tell which lol doll is inside?

LOL dolls are little baby dolls that come wrapped inside a surprise toy ball. Each ball has layers that contain stickers, secret messages, mix and match accessories–and finally–a doll. You don’t know which doll you are going to get until you get to the last layer. The doll on the ball is almost never the doll inside.