How do you play awkward turtle?

How do you play awkward turtle?

The rules are simple, with four or more players, divide into two teams. Each team takes turns trying to guess awkward looking, sounding and feeling words from the dictionary that a teammate is describing to them. First team to 30 points wins the game.

What is Turtle Time Urban Dictionary?

Maybe it will even go in the urban dictionary like ‘Turtle Time’ did,” Ramona told E! News. “Turtle Time, of course, means drinking Pinot Grigio, having fun with your friends and dancing!” Ramona’s up against Lisa Vanderpump, Milania Giudice, Lisa Hochstein, Heather Dubrow and Nene Leakes.

What is turtle time?

“Turtle Time” is in the privacy of your home or a place you have fun with your friends. It means cutting loose, having some Pinot Grigio and even dancing.

What does the turtle emoji mean?

🐢 Meaning – Turtle Emoji 🐢 It depicts a full-bodied, green turtle facing left. This emoji references the animal itself, and also someone moving slow. Turtle Emoji could be used to suggest slowness, a turtle spotting, or a pet.

Who Gon Check Me meaning?

Who gon’ check me, boo? phrase. Definition: A warning said to someone who is trying to put you in your place or threatens you. Example: Sheree hired a man named Anthony to organize a party but he didn’t follow through with everything he promised to accomplish.

What does bloop mean in slang?

verb transitive Baseball; Slang. 1. to hit (a pitched ball) as a blooper. 2. to get (a hit) in this way.

What does check me mean slang?

The idiom ‘check me’ is telling someone to check you out or see what you’re doing or going to do. Example: Yeah, check me. It can also mean call me or get in touch with me. Example: Check me soon if you want to go see that movie together. It can also mean goodbye.

Who said Who Gon Check Me Boo?

Shereé Whitfield

When did Sheree Say Who Gon Check Me Boo?

For context, the “who gon’ check me, boo?” question was iconically raised by Sheree Whitfield on season 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Since the initial utterance, the phrase has been a social media staple.

What do girls mean by check me?

telling someone to check you out. Or see what you’re doing or gonna do. Yeah, check me. Look up and check me, fam. Come check me then.

What does cheek mean?

1 : the fleshy side of the face below the eye and above and to the side of the mouth broadly : the lateral aspect of the head. 2 : something suggestive of the human cheek in position or form especially : one of two laterally paired parts.

What does you gave me cheek mean?

Giving someone cheek is to talk back, usually sarcastically. Setting your Language Level helps other users provide you with answers that aren’t too complex or too simple.

What does a bloody cheek mean?

‘ Basically, an insulting reply to a reckless (or imagined as such) admonition, comment, action or perceived retribution, threat or expose’. eg/ ‘They’ve got a bloody cheek down-sizing me after all the work I’ve performed on this project! ‘

What does it mean when a guy calls you cheeks?

This is a sexually suggestive term, used mainly by men to women. Can either mean the guy finds her attractive and is attempting to flirt, or is complimenting a woman’s butt. Hence, “sweet cheeks”

How can I get chubby cheeks?

13 Natural ways to get chubbier cheeks

  1. Facial exercise. Also called “facial yoga,” facial exercises tone the facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.
  2. Apply aloe.
  3. Eat aloe.
  4. Apply apple.
  5. Eat apples.
  6. Apply glycerin and rose water.
  7. Apply honey.
  8. Eat honey.

What does calling someone sweet cheeks mean?

Filters. (often offensive) A term of address implying the person addressed has attractive buttocks.

Is it cheek or cheeks?

NounEdit. The plural form of cheek; more than one (kind of) cheek.

How do you spell cheek on your face?

noun. either side of the face below the eye and above the jaw. the side wall of the mouth between the upper and lower jaws. something resembling the side of the human face in form or position, as either of two parts forming corresponding sides of various objects: the cheeks of a vise.

What do we call cheek in English?

/chīnka/ nf. sneeze intransitive verb, countable noun. When you sneeze, you suddenly take in your breath and then blow it down your nose noisily, because you have a cold or because something has irritated your nose.

Why is it called a cheek?

cheek Add to list Share. Informally, your cheeks are also your buttocks or bottom — and when you’re a little rude or sassy, your attitude itself can be called cheek. It comes from the Old English word ceace, “jaw,” which probably stems from ceowan, “chew.”

What is the purpose of cheekbones?

Zygomatic bone anatomy is not over-complex; its main function is to provide structure and strength to the mid-face. The cheekbones have three surfaces, four processes, three foramina, and three articulations. Processes are projecting pieces of bone that insert into other bones.

What is a face cheek?

The cheeks (Latin: buccae) constitute the area of the face below the eyes and between the nose and the left or right ear. “Buccal” means relating to the cheek. In humans, the region is innervated by the buccal nerve.

What’s another name for cheek?

What is another word for cheek?

backside butt
duff fundament
hams haunches
heinie hunkers
keester nates

What words rhyme with cheeks?

Words That Rhyme With Cheeks

  • 1 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Cheeks. Beaks. Creeks. Freaks. Geeks. Greeks. Leaks. Leeks. Meeks. Peaks. Peeks. Reeks. Seeks. Sheikhs. Sheiks. Shrieks. Sikhs. Sleeks. Sneaks. Speaks. Streaks. Tweaks. Weaks.
  • 2 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Cheeks. Batiks. Bespeaks. Piques. Squeaks. Workweeks.
  • 3 Syllable Words That Rhyme With Cheeks. Antiques.

What does impudence mean?

1 : marked by contemptuous or cocky boldness or disregard of others : insolent. 2 obsolete : lacking modesty. Other Words from impudent Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about impudent.