What to Do When Words With Friends is out of sync?

What to Do When Words With Friends is out of sync?

Try deleting the app and reloading it. Sometimes that fixes the problem….Yes, I had an annoying “out of sync” experience and this worked fine for me…Right click on “out of sync” game.click on “inspect elements”click on drop down arrow.the click on Delete node.

How do I reset my words with friends 2?

Wiping the application data for words with friends (Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Words Free -> Clear Data), then starting the application again (requiring you to log in since you wiped the data) should refresh your game.

How do you delete an unfinished game on Words With Friends?

To delete games that have been started, go to the bottom of the page where it says more with an arrow click and click resign, then swipe the name box an delete appears, then click delete. Swipe to the right and then to the left without raising your finger.

What do the levels mean in words with friends 2?

Words With Friends achievement levels are an indication to show your progress in the game. You can level up by completing achievements to earn points or, as Words With Friends calls it, pages. The pages then go towards unlocking a book which counts as going up a level in the game.

Is Scrabble go any good?

Scrabble GO has 130,000 reviews on the Google Play store. It’s at 4.4 stars average, but there are thousands of negative reviews. The distribution of reviews on the Apple App Store is similar.