What state has the same name as its capital?

What state has the same name as its capital?

States that share the same name with their state capitals include Oklahoma and Indiana. There is no state that shares its name with the national capital, Washington.

How many states start and end with same letter?

4. Which state names begin and end with the same letter? Hint: There are four.

What state capital has three words?


What is the state capital of Montpelier?

State of Vermont

Which states capital has the longest name?

Can you name the longest named state capitals?# of LettersCapital City% Correct11Tallahassee70%10Sacramento65.2%12Oklahoma City59%13Jefferson City59%11

What are all 50 states capitals?

U.S. State Capitals ListAlabama (AL) – Montgomery.Alaska (AK) – Juneau.Arizona (AZ) – Phoenix.Arkansas (AR) – Little Rock.California (CA) – Sacramento.Colorado (CO) – Denver.Connecticut (CT) – Hartford.Delaware (DE) – Dover.

Which is the first capital of USA?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania