What is the medical term for chin?

What is the medical term for chin?

The human chin (also known as the mental protuberance, mental eminence and, rarely, mental osseum, tuber symphyseos) refers to the forward pointed part of the anterior mandible (mental region) below the lower lip.

What is the meaning of chins?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : the lower portion of the face lying below the lower lip and including the prominence of the lower jaw. 2 : the surface beneath or between the branches of the lower jaw. chin.

Is Chin a bad word?

Chin in theory is not a bad word, but it is a like a short way to say ” “, “”, that are strong expressions , but I am realising, we see normal the word “chin” to express angry, discomfort, disappointment, a bad reaction, etc.

What’s another term for articulation?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for articulation, like: utterance, enunciation, vocalization, unification, coupling, junction, union, connection, diction, joint and mispronunciation.

What is meant by articulation?

1a : a joint or juncture between bones or cartilages in the skeleton of a vertebrate. b : a movable joint between rigid parts of an animal. 2a : the action or manner of jointing or interrelating the articulation of the limbs. b : the state of being jointed or interrelated.

Is articulately a word?

To make distinctly audible; to utter articulately; to pronounce; as, to enunciate a word distinctly. To utter with the mouth; to pronounce; to utter articulately, as human beings.4 days ago

What does fully articulated mean?

adjective. made clear or distinct: articulated sounds. having a joint or joints; jointed: an articulated appendage. (of a vehicle) built in sections that are hinged or otherwise connected so as to allow flexibility of movement: an articulated bus; an articulated locomotive.

Who is an articulate person?

Articulate definitions. The definition of articulate is someone capable of speaking easily and clearly, and is most often referred to someone who is well-spoken. An example of an articulate person is President Barack Obama.

Is being articulate a sign of intelligence?

It seems self evident, that being articulate is a sign of intelligence, but I definetely feel like I’ve met some highly intelligent people who were able to form profound ideas and to detect complex patterns, while still not being able to articulate them as well as some less intelligent people might could.

How do you describe someone who is well spoken?

Synonyms for well-spoken. articulate, eloquent, fluent, silver-tongued.

How do you tell someone is a good speaker?

good speaker / synonymsgood talker.speechmaker.smooth talker.good public speaker.talker. n.skillful.quite the orator.powerful speaker.

What do you call a person who speaks good English?

A person who is good at speaking English is generally referred to as an Anglophile.

What words describe good speakers?

12 qualities of a charismatic speakerCharismatic speakers are self-confident and assured. Charismatic speakers seem to be enjoying themselves; they are playful, humorous, happy.Charismatic speakers are lively & energetic.Charismatic speakers are knowledgeable about their subject.Charismatic speakers look good, they have a stage presence.

What’s another word for speakers?

In this page you can discover 49 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for speaker, like: addresser, keynote speaker, orator, platform orator, mouth, prolocutor, elocutionist, demagogue, spokesman, spokeswoman and rhetorician.

What is a public speaker called?

A person giving a speech is called an orator, like the gifted orator who raised excellent points, making everyone in the audience want to join his revolution.

What is the opposite of speaker?

Antonym of SpeakerWordAntonymSpeakerListenerGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.