What is another word for in regards to?

What is another word for in regards to?

What is another word for in regards to?in respect ofwith regards torespectingpertaining towith reference toapropos ofwith respects todealing withwithre42

What does it mean to say in regards to?

In Regard(s) To, With Regard(s) To In regard to and with regard to are phrases that mean “regarding,” “concerning,” “on the subject of.” As regardsnote the s on the endmeans the same thing.

What does it mean to have regard?

Regard often means respect and admiration, as in “I have the greatest regard for my grandmother.” Sometimes it’s a greeting: you can send someone your regards, which means to tell them you said hello and wish them well. …

How do you use the word regards?

Regard sentence examplesLifting her gaze to meet his intent regard, she implored him. His regard was troubled. Still feeling the sobering effects of that cool regard, she forced a smile. I regard my pupil as a free and active being, whose own spontaneous impulses must be my surest guide.

Can you say in regards to?

The correct phrase is “in regard to.” You may be confused because “as regards” is another way to introduce a topic. Many people believe both phrases are unnecessary business jargon. Better options, depending on the particular sentence, include “concerning,” “regarding,” “about,” “in,” and “with.”

How do you show regards?

regardto think highly of; esteem.to take into account; consider.to look at; observe: She regarded him with amusement.to relate to; concern: The news does not regard the explosion.to see, look at, or conceive of in a particular way; judge (usually followed by as): I regard every assignment as a challenge.

What does it mean when someone says Kind regards?

“Kind regards” is a more formal variation of “Best regards.” You might reserve it for introductory, outreach, or exploratory emails. It still communicates respect but intuits less of an established relationship. In business correspondence, “Kind regards” is a professional and appropriate way to end an email.

How do you respond when someone sends regards to you?

Here are some easy ways to respond to a greeting: “It’s so nice to see you again. Give your family my regards.” “Hi!

How do you say regards to someone?

“Hello B.best regards from A!”I am supposed to send A’s regards to you!”hello from A!”I met A recently and he told me to say hi to you from him!”

How do you send someone regards?

(Formal)Send [someone] my best.Send [someone] my best regards.Send [someone] my greetings.Give [someone] my best wishes.Pass on my greetings to [someone].My best to [someone].All the best to [someone].Send [someone] my compliments.

What do you reply when someone says regards to your family?

Thank you for asking me. As others have pointed out, it’s sufficient to thank the person and assure him/her that you will convey those regards….I will.I’ll do that.Don’t worry, I will.I’ll certainly do that.Okay.Yes, I will.Sure, thanks.

What does regards to your family mean?

It’s a polite phrase that means “please tell your family I asked about them”. If you’ve ever met this person’s family it is courteous to ask how they are from time to time. They may mean nothing to you but they mean something to him. Sending your regards shows you remember them and hope all is well.

How do you congratulate someone in third person?

Congratulations…. Congratulations…on your name day!…To praise a third person, use:Please tell (her) I liked it very much.Tell (him) how good I thought (he was).Give my compliments to (the cook).

How do you convey best wishes?

Best Wishes Message IdeasWay to grab the bull by the horns! You made every day in this place so much brighter. Your next boss doesn’t know how lucky they are. Wishing you all the best! We are all going to miss you, and we wish you well on your next endeavor. I am so glad you are getting out of this place!

How do you express good wishes?

I wish you a safe/pleasant journey. I’m sure that you’ll have a great /wonderful / fantastic trip. I hope you have a great/super/fantastic time. Good luck in your new endeavors.

How do you say hello indirectly?

Different Ways to Say HelloHi there.Howdy.Greetings.Hey, What’s up?Morning/afternoon/evening.What’s going on?Hey! There she/he is.How’s everything?

What can I say instead of HI in text?

Here are a few things you can try instead of “Hey” — and the proof is in my screenshots.Call Out A Shared Interest. Feign Interest In Something OTHER Than A Date. Do A “Blurt” Share. Do Not Call Someone You Don’t Know “Cutie, Sexy, Beautiful,” Etc. Do Not Say “To Hell With it, I’ll Just Ask For Sex.”