What is a Kriss Kross puzzle?

What is a Kriss Kross puzzle?

The rules of the kriss krosss puzzle (also known as word fills, word fits or word fill-ins) are simple: you are given a list of words, sorted by length, alongside a blank grid. You must work out where each word is to be placed in the grid to create a filled crossword-style grid.

How do you do a criss cross puzzle?

In Criss-Cross puzzles the solver must place a given list of words into the grid, crossword style, or in other words with one word placed per continuous run of boxes. Usually the words are provided sorted by length for ease of finding.

How many games are in Wordscapes?

Wordscapes has over 6,000 puzzles Studies show that there could be brain benefits from playing puzzle games and crosswords. With over 6,000 puzzles to conquer, you can play to your heart’s content and indulge in some good old fashioned wordsmithing! Download it today: iOS | Android.

How do you join a team in Wordscapes?

In the current game update, your game will have a new button in the bottom-middle of the screen. Tap it to access the new ‘team’ area, and join, create, or search for a team.

What time does the tourney start on Wordscapes?

Weekend Tournament – starts on Friday 8:00pm (EST) until Sunday 11:00pm (EST).