What is a fancy word for love?

What is a fancy word for love?

emotion, tenderness, appreciation, taste, fondness, lust, yearning, passion, affection, respect, friendship, devotion, infatuation, lover, prize, treasure, prefer, admire, choose, cherish.

What word can I use instead of love?

7 Best Words You Can Use Instead of LoveDevoted. When you tell your partner the word devoted, you show them that you would never intentionally hurt them or cheat on them. Cherish. If you can’t tell your partner that you love them, say that you highly cherish your relationship with them. Adore. Worship. Fancy. Fallen. Smitten.

What does I Love You Like Crazy mean?

LYLC means “Love You Like Crazy”. The abbreviation LYLC is a light-hearted way of telling someone that you love them a lot. LYLC is not an abbreviation that would normally be used outside of a romantic relationship, except perhaps between young children and very close family members.

What is the best response to I Love You?

Alternative Responses To I Love YouI love you way more.Thank you for loving me.I am so obsessed with you.There is nothing better than hearing you say that.You make the world a better place. No, I love you!You are the only person who can make me smile constantly.

How do I express my love?

Here are seven ways to express your love:Offer the gift of listening. Say please and thank you. Tell your loved ones how much you love and appreciate them. Offer to help someone in need. Write a letter or send a card to someone you love and mail it. Write your loved ones a poem of gratitude.

What is love in simple way?

Love is a mix of feelings and actions that shows a deep liking for someone or something. Romantic love can lead to things such as dating, marriage and sex, but a person can also feel for friends, such as platonic love, or family.

How does Alyohin define love?

Alyohin defines love as a great mystery and he claims it to be one incontestable truth ever stated about love. One can argue about it as one pleases. Both love each other but Pelageya does not want to marry him rather she wishes to stay just so. Nikanor wants to marry her and in his drunken mood he beats her.

What is love explain in details?

Love is complex. A mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. For example, a person might say he or she loves his or her dog, loves freedom, or loves God.

What are some examples of love?

Love is defined as to show or have deep attraction, affection or emotional attachment to a person, people or thing. An example of love is showering someone with kisses. An example of love is greeting a good friend with a big hug. An example of love is watching an amazing dancer dance.

What is a fancy word for love?

What is a fancy word for love?

OTHER WORDS FOR love 1 tenderness, fondness, predilection, warmth, passion, adoration. 2 liking, inclination, regard, friendliness.

What is a good adjective for H?

Positive Adjectives That Start With H

  • handsome.
  • handy.
  • happy.
  • happy-go-lucky.
  • hardworking.
  • hardy.
  • harmless.
  • harmonious.

    What are some good words that start with the letter H?

    A list of more than thirty positive words starting with the letter H. Happy. Healthy. Honour. Happiness. Health. Healing. Heal. Heart.

    Are there any positive words from 4 letters?

    List of positive words from 4 letters from A to Z in alphabetical order Letter Positive word from 4 letters A ABLE A ABLY A ACED A ADD

    Which is the best synonym for the word love?

    a husband who loves his wife more than anything. Synonyms for love. adore, cherish, worship. Words Related to love. adulate, canonize, deify,

    What are some positive words that start with H?


    What is positive words start with H?

    Our List Of Positive Words That Start With H: Habitable Hail Halcyon Hale Hallelujah Hallmark Hallow Halo Handle Handout

    What are some positive adjectives that begin with the letter H?

    HANDY LIST OF POSITIVE ADJECTIVES STARTING WITH H. Halcyon peaceful; calm; tranquil; serene; happy; prosperous; golden. Hale healthy; sound; robust. Hallowed sacred; holy; sacrosanct; highly venerated; sanctified; consecrated. Handsome pleasing in appearance; attractive; appropriate; fitting; ready; convenient; given freely.

    What are some words that start with the letter H?

    “h” is also the abbreviation of height. It is written as “h” in small letters and “H” in capital letters. Some commonly used words starting with alphabet “H” are: hotel, house, horror, honour, hen, height, heaven, hockey, handicraft, headlines, highway, hooting, hostel, hungry, humidity, hindi, hunt, history, huge, how many.