What is a fancy word for drink?

What is a fancy word for drink?


What color is Jasmine?


What color does not have e?

Explanation. The color that doesn’t have E in it is pink but as pink is the shade of red color it is not the answer . There are many other colors which doesn’t have E but they are the shade of others colors like as pink . The color which doesn’t E in its spelling is Indigo .

Can you tell me a Colour without the letter E?

There are two colours which do not have ‘ e ‘ in it. One is Black and the other one is Pink. Another such colour is Indigo, which is a shade close to wheel blue. Out of the seven colours in a rainbow together called as VIBGYOR, Indigo is the only colour which does not have an e in it.

What Colour does not have a vowel?

There are no names for colors in the English language which do not have vowels. However the Macedonian word for ‘black’ is црн [crn] which has no vowels.