What is a better word for Watched?

What is a better word for Watched?

In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for watched, like: observed, held under suspicion, scrutinized, noticed, kept under surveillance, viewed, guarded, spied on, followed, noted and bugged.

What is another word for watch it?

What is another word for watch it?agogareblackfriarscavelook outbe quickheads up

What is another word for looked?

What is another word for look?glancegazetake a lookwatchconsiderseeobserveviewregardmark129

What is another word for see?

SYNONYMS FOR see 1 observe, notice, distinguish, discern, behold, regard.

What’s the opposite of see?

What is the opposite of see?disregardpass byoverpasspass overtake no notice oftune outdiscountfail to noticelook away fromlook past11

What grasp means?

1 : to take or seize eagerly grasp the opportunity for advancement. 2 : to clasp or embrace especially with the fingers or arms grasped the pen and began writing. 3 : to lay hold of with the mind : comprehend failed to grasp the danger of the situation.

What is the full grasp of?

grasp of/on (something) To have a firm, clear understanding or determination of something. I hope everyone has a solid grasp of the material, as you’ll be tested on it next week.

How do you use the word grasp?

Grasp sentence examplesIt is important to grasp clearly the distinction between breeds. If we try to know the soul, we grasp at a phantom. His gloves, adequate for snow shoveling, were poor equipment to safely grasp a rope that supported his full weight. “It was a last grasp try to hold the five of us together; for the children,” I added.

What does grasp mean in math?

Given, Required, Analysis, Solution, and Paraphrase

What does grasp stand for in education?

Goal, Role, Audience, Situation and Product

What does the word grasped connote in this poem?

What does the word grasped connote in this poem? that the man is determined to protect himself. that the man knows how to build a wall. that the man can pick up big rocks.

What is the synonym of grasping?

Some common synonyms of grasp are clutch, grab, seize, snatch, and take. While all these words mean “to get hold of by or as if by catching up with the hand,” grasp stresses a laying hold so as to have firmly in possession.

What is a word for the ability to learn quickly?


What’s the opposite of grasp?

What is the opposite of grasp?releasefaildiscontinuehaltdetachmishandlelet offturn overhand overgive away24

What’s the word for understanding?

What is another word for understanding?comprehensiongraspcareinterpretationunderstanding ofgrasp ofcomprehension ofawareness ofcognizance ofknowledge of130

What do you call someone who is very knowledgeable?

erudite. The definition of erudite is someone who has wide range of knowledge and is well-read.

What is a word for gaining knowledge?

be given to understand. be informed. be made aware. dope out. get wind of the fact.