What does the Spyglass do in Word stacks?

What does the Spyglass do in Word stacks?

Remember you can always use the spyglass for a hint letter if you are stuck.

How many levels of word stacks are there?

2200 levels

What do the crowns mean in Wordscape?

Answers. The new crowns feature lets players collect crowns for playing and placing high in Tournaments. Players start with a basic crown and the more tournaments that they play in and win the more elaborate that their crown becomes.

What games can increase IQ?

15 games that might make you smarter just by playing themLumosity Brain-Training App, free to download. Chinese Mahjong set with compact wooden case, $72.99. Hasbro Scrabble Crossword Game, $16.99. Sudoku: 400+ Sudoku Puzzles (Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard), $6.29. Fit Brains Trainer App by Rosetta Stone, free to download.

Does Sudoku improve memory?

Sudoku or Crosswords May Help Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger. New research finds that solving puzzles may help you stay “sharp.” On short-term memory tests, puzzle takers had brain function equivalent to eight years younger. The cross-sectional data analysis evaluated testing on about 19,000 people.

Does playing chess increase IQ?

Chess can raise your IQ At least one study has shown that moving those knights and rooks around can in fact raise a person’s intelligence quotient.