What dictionary does wordfeud use?

What dictionary does wordfeud use?

Wordfeud languages include Danish, Dutch, English, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish. And there is a dictionary for each language. For their Danish Dictionary, Wordfeud uses Dansk Sprognvns Retskrivningsordbog, 4.

How can I cheat at Scrabble?

Best Scrabble Cheating Tactics You can also try words from another language if they are accepted by Scrabble. Use the word finder tool meant for Scrabble only to get approved words. Try to make a bingo for high scores. You can also try making words with Q, Z, X or J for more points.

How many 7 letter palindromes are there?

22 7

How many 4 letter palindromes are there?

There are 69 4-letter words that are palindromes.

How many 3 letter English words are there?

Found 15939 3-letter words for Scrabble, Words With Friends, WordHub, and Crosswords.

What is a four letter vegetable?

Fruits & Vegetables – 4 lettersResultsInstant LookupBeanW O DBeetW O DColeW O DCornW O D19