What are words that have multiple meanings?

What are words that have multiple meanings?

When words are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings, then they are called homonyms. When they are just spelled the same but sound different and have different meanings, then they are homographs. Here are some of the most popular homonyms and homographs in the English language.

What are homophones give 5 examples?

Examples of Homophonesad, addate, eightaunt, antbe, beeblew, bluebuy, by, byecell, sellhear, herehour, ourits, it’s4

What are some other examples of words that can have multiple meanings depending on who defines the word?

Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation, but different meanings. It’s tricky when words sound the same but can mean different things….Homonym Examplesarm. I have an ant bite on my arm. bark. I hope her dog doesn’t bark when I knock on the door. clip. crane. date. dough. drop. engaged.

Which homonym has the most meanings?


What is a word with 2 meanings called?

Homonyms are two words that are spelled the same and sound the same but have different meanings.

Can a term be more than one word?

A term is a name for something. A term can be more than one word. A phrase is a group of words that commonly used together to convey meaning.

What is it called when a word sounds like another?

A homophone is a word that sounds the same as another word but has a different meaning and/or spelling. “Flower” and “flour” are homophones because they are pronounced the same but you certainly can’t bake a cake using daffodils. Continue reading…

What are Oronyms?

A sequence of words (for example, “ice cream”) that sounds the same as a different sequence of words (“I scream”). The term oronym was coined by Gyles Brandreth in The Joy of Lex (1980).

What is Heteronyms and their examples?

Heteronyms are words that are spelled identically but have different meanings when pronounced differently. For example: Lead, pronounced LEED, means to guide. However, lead, pronounced LED, means a metallic element. Compare heteronyms to homographs, homophones, and homonyms.

What are Heterophones?

A heteronym (also known as a heterophone) is a word that has a different pronunciation and meaning from another word but the same spelling. These are homographs that are not homophones.