Is it to the T or to the tee?

Is it to the T or to the tee?

A t-shirt can be called a tee, so it makes a sort of sense that a properly fitting garment could be said to fit to a tee, but the original expression is actually fit to a t. The t may refer to a drafting t-square, though that is uncertain. BUY THE BOOK!

Is it to at or to the T?

The expression to a T, as in That suits you to a T! is often mistakenly written or said as to the T (or to a tee or to the tee). This type of alteration occurs often in idiomatic phrases (note all of the sudden and for all intensive purposes, among others).

What does follow to the T mean?

Down to a T Meaning People use this idiom to explain that something or someone has everything accounted for, down to the smallest detail. Similar phrases are to a T, follow to a T, down to the T, etc. All of these spellings are sometimes spelled with the word tee instead of the letter T. For example, To a tee.

What does it mean to say to at?

Whatever its origins, the expression now means perfectly or exactly, and it usually takes a capital T.

What to say instead of says?

272 Words to Use Instead of “Said”accusedcorrectedlamentedargueddemurredmumbledaskeddeniedmurmuredasserteddescribedmusedassureddisagreedmuttered63

What does describes me to at mean?

You can use to a T or to a tee to mean perfectly or exactly right. For example, if something suits you to a T, it suits you perfectly. If you have an activity or skill down to a T, you have succeeded in doing it exactly right.

What does it mean to be dressed to the nines?

“To the nines” is an English idiom meaning “to perfection” or “to the highest degree” or to dress “buoyantly and high class”. In modern English usage, the phrase most commonly appears as “dressed to the nines” or “dressed up to the nines”.

What does t mean in slang?

Tea is all about exchanging hot gossip. You can get tea, spill tea, and give tea. Often, the term is simply interchangeable with the letter “T.” This slang term—like so many on this list—derives from ’80s and ’90s ball culture, which is where LGBTQ people performed in drag competitions to celebrate their queerness.

What does Dressed to AT mean?

This is a mash up of two phrases describing perfection – “dressed to the teeth” (dressed very stylishly with nothing overlooked) and “to a tee (or t)” (perfectly).

What does at 6’s and 7’s mean?

“At sixes and sevens” is an English idiom used to describe a condition of confusion or disarray.

Why do we say fit as a fiddle?

The violin was picked out as the exemplar because of the alliteration of fit and fiddle, and because the violin is a beautifully shaped instrument producing a very particular sound. But then fit came to mean ‘in good physical shape’ and so fit as a fiddle came to mean ‘in good condition physically’.

What does Kit and Kaboodle mean?

A kit – is set of objects, as in a toolkit, or what a soldier would put in his kit-bag. A caboodle (or boodle) – is an archaic term meaning group or collection, usually of people.

What does Kaboodle mean?

1. The lot, group, or bunch: donated the whole caboodle. 2. A crowd or collection of people. [Alteration of boodle.]

What does the whole shebang mean?

informal. : the whole thing : everything that is included in something You can buy the whole shebang for just $50.

Where did Kit and Kaboodle come from?

The whole shebang, the works, the full story. Origin: “Kit and Kaboodle” has origins in the 18th century, England. Kit, which comes from the word “kith” meaning “estate.” So the “Whole Kith” would mean everything one owns. Soldiers in the 1700’s also carried a bag with everything they needed called a Kitbag.

Where does the whole shebang come from?

The informal phrase”the whole shebang” means “everything,” which you could also call “the whole ball of wax” or “the whole enchilada.” Shebang is an American word, first used by Civil War soldiers (and the poet Walt Whitman) to mean “rustic dwelling” or “hut.” In 1872, Mark Twain used shebang to mean “vehicle,” but …

What does get your goat mean?

To make someone annoyed or angry: “Gavin may seem unflappable, but I know a way to get his goat.” This expression comes from a tradition in horse racing. Unscrupulous opponents would then steal the goat in an effort to upset the horse and cause it to lose the race.

What is beyond the pale?

“Beyond the pale” then became a colloquial phrase meaning “outside the limits of acceptable behavior or judgment.”

Why is the pale called the Pale?

The Lordship controlled by the English king shrank accordingly, and as parts of its perimeter in counties Meath and Kildare were fenced or ditched, it became known as the Pale, deriving from the Latin word palus, a stake, or, synecdochically, a fence.

What does beyond the veil mean?

What is the meaning of “beyond the veil” and how to use it? The phrase “beyond the veil” also means that people should look further than a person’s clothes in order to understand the person.