How many words can you make from rainy?

How many words can you make from rainy?

28 words

How many words can you make out of than?

13 words

What words can you make out of alphabet?

Words that can be made with alphabetsablates.altheas.asphalt.hatable.palates.phaseal.spathal.

How many three letter words can be made from 5 letters Fghij if repetition of letters A is allowed?

(1 point) How many three-letter “words” can be made from the 5 letters “FGHIJ” if repetition of letters: (a) Is allowed? Your answer is : (b) Is not allowed? Your answer is : Correct Answers: • 125 • 60 8.

How many ways can 10 letters be posted in 5 post boxes?

Each of the 10 letters can be stored in any of the 5 postboxes. So, the first letter has 5 options(postboxes),so does the second letter and so on and so forth for all of the 10 letters. i.e. 5∗5∗5∗…. ∗5 (upto 10 times) = 510.

What is the formula to find the possible combinations?

Combinations Formula: C(n,r)=n!(r!(n−r)!) For n ≥ r ≥ 0. Also referred to as r-combination or “n choose r” or the binomial coefficient.

What does the N and R mean in permutations?

n = total items in the set; r = items taken for the permutation; “!” denotes factorial. The generalized expression of the formula is, “How many ways can you arrange ‘r’ from a set of ‘n’ if the order matters?” A permutation can be calculated by hand as well, where all the possible permutations are written out.