How do you spell the word secrete?

How do you spell the word secrete?

secretesecrete. [ si-kreet ] SHOW IPA. / sɪˈkrit / PHONETIC RESPELLING. SEE SYNONYMS FOR secrete. secrete 2 [ si-kreet ] SHOW IPA. / sɪˈkrit / PHONETIC RESPELLING. secrète. [ suh-kret ] SHOW IPA. / səˈkrɛt / PHONETIC RESPELLING. secrete 1 / (sɪˈkriːt) / verb. secrete 2 / (sɪˈkriːt) / verb. secrete. [ sĭ-krēt′ ] v.secrete. [ sĭ-krēt′ ]

What words can you make with outcry?

Words that can be made with outcrycory.curt.rout.ryot.torc.tory.tour.troy.

How many words can you make out of outcry?

36 words

How many words can you make out of solely?

How do you spell outcry?

nounoutcries. 1An exclamation or shout.

What does outcry mean in English?

1a : a loud cry : clamor. b : a vehement protest. 2 : auction. Synonyms Example Sentences Learn More about outcry.

What does the word putative mean?

commonly accepted or supposed

What does outcry mean in law?

In United States law, an outcry witness is the person who first hears an allegation of abuse made by a child or another victim of abuse or sexual crime. The witness is legally obligated to report the abuse, and may be called upon during the trial proceedings.

What does tumult mean?

agitation of mind or feelings

What does revolt mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to renounce allegiance or subjection (as to a government) : rebel. 2a : to experience disgust or shock.

How do you use outcry in a sentence?

A loud outcry was raised in the fleet and the country. The monasteries raised an outcry when people were found eating flesh in Lent, and the bishop of Constance accused. This order led to an outcry among the fathers of Basel and incurred the deep disapproval of the legate Cesarini.

Is outcry a verb?

verb (used with object), out·cried, out·cry·ing. to outdo in crying; cry louder than.

What is the difference between a revolt and a revolution?

As nouns the difference between revolt and revolution is that revolt is an act of revolt while revolution is a political upheaval in a government or nation state characterized by great change.