How do you spell the long i sound?

How do you spell the long i sound?

A few of the words that spell the long /i/ sound with just the letter i are only one syllable long. These words end with ind, for example: kind, mind, and wind. You can practise spelling ind words here. Most of the time the long /i/ sound is spelled with an i in the middle of the word and an e at the end of the word.

How many ways can you spell long a?

The words are categorized into one of the five ways the long a sound can be spelled Magic E Rule, Vowel Teams (2), Irregular Vowel Team and Open Syllable.

What does short e sound like?

The ‘short e’ /ɛ/ sound is a relatively relaxed vowel sound. The middle of the tongue rounds slightly upward and the sides of the tongue may lightly touch the top and bottom side teeth. The lips and jaw are loose and relaxed.

What is the difference between long e and short e?

Now remind students that the / 3 / sound in steep is called the long e sound. Say: The short e sound, /2 /, is usually spelled with an e followed by a consonant sound. Write the words beast and speed on the board, and circle ee and ea. Say: The long e sound, /3 /, is usually spelled e-e or e-a.

Is Bag Long A or short A?

Bag, cat and cap are all examples of short A words that kindergarteners will be learning to read this year. You can support this learning with a guided exploration of the short A sound.