How do you search a Google PowerPoint?

How do you search a Google PowerPoint?

Using Google to find PowerPoint PresentationsGo to: the desired search terms. (These may be key words of topics you will be teaching soon.)Perform the search.Pull down the “Gear” in the upper right corner and choose “Advanced Search.”In the Advanced Search window: Choose the File Type – Microsoft PowerPoint.

How do I find PowerPoint?

To learn if you have PowerPoint on your computer, do this:Click Start.Click Run.In the Run dialog box, type POWERPNT. EXE.Click OK.If you have PowerPoint, you’ll see it start up.If you don’t have PowerPoint, you’ll see a message saying something like “Windows cannot find POWERPNT …”

Does Windows 10 include PowerPoint?

Windows 10 includes online versions of OneNote, Word, Excel and PowerPoint from Microsoft Office.

Which version of PPT do I have?

To identify the exact version of your PowerPoint you must access its About window. To do that, click or tap the Account button at the bottom-left corner of the window. Then, on the right, click or tap About PowerPoint. In the window that opens, you can see the exact version of your PowerPoint.

Why can’t I find my PowerPoint presentation?

Open the Office application that you were using. Click the File tab. Click Recent. Scroll to the bottom of your “Recent Documents” (Office 2013 only), then click “Recover Unsaved Documents” if you are in Word, “Recover Unsaved Workbooks” if you are in Excel, or “Recover Unsaved Presentations” if you are in PowerPoint.

Can I recover a PowerPoint file I didn’t save?

Click on the File tab in the upper left corner > Choose Open > In the “Recent” section, click Recover Unsaved Presentations in the bottom right corner. Step 3. Then save the file. Tip: The files in the Unsaved folder are temporary files.

How do you AutoRecover a PowerPoint?

PowerPoint. On the PowerPoint menu, click Preferences. , select the AutoSave or AutoRecover info every check box, and then enter how frequently you want PowerPoint to save presentations.