How do you play word chums?

How do you play word chums?

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How do I invite friends to play word chums?

If you tap New Game, then Friends and then tap Name/Email you can enter any players username there to start a game. You can also enter their email and if its an email they entered in Word Chums is will also start a game with them.

How do you get free coins on word chums?

Go into the Chum Market, tap on “Free Coins” and choose “Video”. Here you can watch several short clips. Mostly they show you ads for other game apps and you will get 20 points per video. In this section you will also find a second way to earn coins.

How do you top up on chums live?

Go to Wallet and tap Add Credit or Debit Card….Follow this step-by-step guide for Reloading your wallet using Telco Billing.Tap the Top up on the list.Choose from the coin package.Tap the Buy button.Enter your mobile number.Enter your mobile number.Enter your mobile number.Enter your mobile number.

How do you earn more coins in Words With Friends?

Coins are a type of credit that can be earned and purchased to redeem power-ups, Profile Frames, and more. They can be rewarded a multiple of ways from collecting the daily reward, beating weekly challenges, and from Mystery Boxes earned by playing the Daily Word and completing the Daily Goals.