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Who is the girl dating Kevin on this is us?

While Randall (Sterling K. Brown) was busy fending off a home invader, his movie-star-bathed-in-privilege brother, Kevin (Justin Hartley), received a S.O.S. call from ex-wife/love-of-his-life Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge), who was reeling from the death of her mother, Claire (guest star Jennifer Westfeldt).

Who does Kevin marry on this is us?

Fast forward to the Big Three’s 40th birthday, which viewers glimpsed at during the This Is Us season 4 midseason finale, and Kevin and Madison are still together. He calls her his fiancee as they deal with her morning sickness.

What happened between Kevin and Sophie on This Is Us?

During Season 1, we find out that Kevin and Sophie have been divorced for 12 years. At that point, they would have been around 36 years old, meaning they divorced when they were 24 — that’s about five years of marriage. They split up because Kevin cheated on her.

Do Toby and Kate get divorced on This Is Us?

Kate and Toby Are Divorced While she’s trying to hold it together, he wasn’t strong enough to face the reality and admitted to her that being around Jack made him sad. Though they ended this week on a more positive note, that doesn’t mean there won’t be more bumps in the road.

Who does Kevin get pregnant in this is us?

NBC has released a scene from next Tuesday’s Season 5 premiere of “This Is Us,” which shows Kevin (Justin Hartley) telling his sister, Kate (Chrissy Metz), that he got her friend Madison (Caitlin Thompson) pregnant.

Is Madison really pregnant on This Is Us?

That said, there’s one thing that certainly hasn’t changed: all the Pearson family drama. At the end of the season 4 finale, fans were shocked to discover that Madison (Caitlin Thompson) — not Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) and not Sophie (Alexandra Breckinridge) — was expecting twins with Kevin (Justin Hartley).

Why did they name the baby hope on this is us?

“I really thought the baby was going to be named Rebecca…but Hope??” one fan wrote on Reddit. The show tied in Rebecca when she was pregnant with the triplets right before revealing the name of the baby, so fans were positive that would be it. “Hope is the perfect name for their daughter,” wrote another Redditor.

Is the actor on this is us really blind?

Stadnik is blind in real life. “It was an interesting casting process because we wanted to cast a blind actor,” Fogelman told Entertainment Tonight. “We had started our casting process very early, even in our off-season. Blake, when he came to us, was clearly the guy.”

Does Kate’s baby survive in this is us?

Her baby survived the delivery, and now they just have to take things one day at a time. And even though next week’s episode is called “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away,” try not to read into the title too much. After all, Metz hinted to USA Today that “there is joy” in this storyline, as difficult as it may have begun.

Is the actress who plays Kate on this is us really that big?

Chrissy Metz, the actress behind Kate Pearson on This Is Us, has never shied away from expressing how she feels about body image and weight issues. “Here was this woman who was actually dealing with weight. Not like, ‘Oh my God, I gained a pound,'” Metz told the Hollywood Reporter in 2017.