Which state in USA has no winter?

Which state in USA has no winter?


Why do the Philippines only have 2 season types?

It will be a surprise to many Filipinos that summer is not one of the two seasons in the Philippines. Most countries of the world, in fact, have only two seasons. This is because most countries lie within the tropical zone. The two seasons in the Philippines are the rainy/wet season and the dry season.

Is Australia hotter than Philippines?

The Philippines is closer to the equator, so would be hotter generally, but much more humid. Australia is typically a dryer heat, unless you are way up north. Well you know The Philippines only has 2 seasons, Hot and HOTTER!

What is the coldest month in Philippines?


What are the coolest months in the Philippines?

The coolest months in the Philippines are December and January. These are the most popular months for travel by overseas visitors who find the tropical humidity difficult to handle. February marks the transition from the cool season to the hot season.

Does the Philippines ever get cold?

January is the coldest month of the year in the Philippines, and this year is no exception. The past few days saw temperatures dropping to as low as 22 degrees Celsius in Metro Manila, which is frosty when you consider that the city can reach a scorching 38 to 40 degrees or higher in the summer.

What is the poorest city in the Philippines?

The 15 poorest stated in the article is:

  • Lanao del Sur – 68.9%
  • Apayao – 59.8%
  • Eastern Samar – 59.4%
  • Maguindanao – 57.8%
  • Zamboanga del Norte – 50.3%
  • Davao Oriental – 48%
  • Ifugao – 47.5%
  • Sarangani – 46.5%

What is the cleanest place in the Philippines?

Real-time Philippines Cleanest city ranking

# city US AQI
1 Santa Rosa, Calabarzon 2
2 Balanga, Central Luzon 4
3 Subic, Central Luzon 7
4 Tagum City, Davao 12

What is the richest part of the Philippines?

Makati City

Where do Filipino celebrities live?

Step Inside These Celebrity-Owned Luxury Homes in the Philippines

  • Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao’s swanky Forbes Park mansion.
  • The sakura pink-themed home of Kris Aquino.
  • Slater Young and Kryz Uy’s modern “Skypod” mansion in Cebu.
  • The tropical-inspired mansion of Coco Martin.
  • Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna’s Laguna mansion.
  • Sharon Cuneta’s luxurious family home in Mandaluyong.

What is the most expensive subdivision in the Philippines?

Dasmarinas Village edges Forbes as PH’s most expensive neighborhood

  • Dasmarinas Village – P350,000 to P450,000 per sqm.
  • Forbes Park – P350,000 to P400,000 per sqm.
  • Urdaneta Village – P320,000 per sqm.
  • Corinthian Village – P300,000 per sqm.
  • Greenhills Village – P250,000 to 300,000 per sqm.