Is Apex getting more popular?

Is Apex getting more popular?

Apex Legends continues to grow in popularity on several platforms, breaking its own concurrent player record after hitting 198,235 players on Steam yesterday. Over the last 30 days, Apex has averaged nearly 118,000 daily players, an increase of more than 64 percent compared to January.

What happened to Worlds Edge apex Season 8?

According to EA’s Apex Legends Ranked Season 8 announcement, “World’s Edge is taking a break from ranked play but will return in a later season.” For now, that’s all the information the Apex community has received about the map’s absence. New seasons typically bring either a new map or a major map update.

Is World’s Edge coming back in Season 8?

When will World’s Edge come back to Apex Legends? In February 2021, Respawn Entertainment revealed in their patch notes that “World’s Edge [was] taking a break from ranked play but will return in a later season.”

Why did they take out Kings Canyon?

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts employee, Zac Conely has announced the ALGS is removing the King’s Canyon from the competitive map pool. Respawn Entertainment and EA Esports have decided that King’s Canyon is no longer a focus of the ALGS competitive scene.

Why did apex get rid of Kings Canyon?

Olympus replacing Kings Canyon in Apex Legends Ranked While it’s nice from a nostalgia standpoint, the map simply no longer works in a competitive environment. The locations are too close together and the loot is subpar compared to World’s Edge. Pro players have even called Respawn out for these facts.

Did apex get rid of Kings Canyon?

Kings Canyon is the original map in Apex Legends, though it was replaced totally in Season 3 by World’s Edge.

Is ranked Always in Kings Canyon?

Apex Legends’ ranked series moves to Kings Canyon following midseason split. Apex Legends’ competitive mode has moved exclusively to Kings Canyon today after the midseason split, as per Respawn’s tradition. Players’ Ranked Points (RP) saw a soft reset of up to 1.5 tiers down from their previous standing.