Who is the protagonist in Death by Scrabble?

Who is the protagonist in Death by Scrabble?

The main characters in the short story Death by Scrabble by Charlie Fish are the husband and the wife. They are unnamed, mostly because of the author’s decision to make their characters archetypal and universal.

What is the conflict of Death by Scrabble?

The human vs. human conflict this short story is between the narrator and his wife. The story revolves around this conflict and clearly shows that the couple has fallen out of love. This conflict is ended at the end of the short story, when the protagonist is killed when his wife plays DEATH.

What is the irony in Death by Scrabble?

”Death by Scrabble”: Irony The biggest use of situational irony in the story is that the words played in the game come true in real life. Usually games are not real; however, the words played in the game during the story have real consequences.

What is the climax in Death by Scrabble?

The climax of the story “Death by Scrabble” occurs on page 3 paragraph 8. This is when the husband places the word “EXPLODES” on the Scrabble board, and the air conditioning unit behind them fails equipped with a loud “bang”; essentially exploding.