Who can challenge in Scrabble?

Who can challenge in Scrabble?

Any play may be challenged before the next player starts a turn. If the play challenged is unacceptable, the challenged player takes back his/her tiles and loses that turn (and any score.) If the play challenged is acceptable, the challenger loses his/her next turn.

Can I play Scrabble online with friends?

Scrabble Apps SCRABBLE Free is available from Electronic Arts, both on iTunes and Google Play. It allows playing with friends, single player, random opponent, and speed play. Cross-platform play is also allowed. Words with Friends: This Zynga app is available on iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Store.

How do you add a friend on Scrabble?

You may search by their name or User ID. You can use the Favorite feature to record which players you enjoy playing against. You may add a “Favorite” player by pressing the “Add Favorite” button next to their portrait at the end of a Scrabble match.

How many players can play Scrabble go?

It plays 2–4 players. Yes up to four. What are some X words for Scrabble?