What point of view is Death by Scrabble told from?

What point of view is Death by Scrabble told from?

Let’s look at the point of view in ”Death by Scrabble. ” The author chooses to tell this story from the first person perspective. This means the events are told by a character who participates in the events of the story.

Who is the narrator in Death by Scrabble?

It is a hot Sunday when the couple are sitting at their home and playing scrabble. The description of the accessories like air conditioner, sofas clearly makes the reader to imagine sight of lounge in home. The 42 year old husband is the narrator of the story and perhaps the most important character.

What is the tone of Death by Scrabble?


Who wrote Death by Scrabble?

Charlie Fish

What is the central idea of Death by Scrabble?

The main theme of the short story “Death by Scrabble” by Charlie Fish is life and death, illustrated with the help of the motif of karma. The author’s message is that, sometimes, seemingly innocent thoughts can have serious consequences.

What genre is Death by Scrabble?


Is ia a Scrabble word?

IA – Scrabble Word | Scrabble Word Finder.