What happens if you kill Brigitte?

What happens if you kill Brigitte?

There are no far-reaching consequences, no matter what you choose. The only thing that changes is the Voodoo Boys’ attitude towards you. If you choose to massacre them in their own home, they’ll turn hostile for the remainder of the game.

Can you kill Placide?

Placide wields a shotgun and zips around the room with the help of Sandevistan MK. 2, meaning your best bet at killing him is keeping him in one place. We found getting successive headshots to get him to stagger, backing up, then chucking grenade after grenade to be the most efficient method of killing Placide.

Can you get Johnny Silverhands gun?

Johnny Silverhand’s gun can be acquired later in the game, during the side quest Chippin’ In. After assaulting the boat you’ll meet up with a wounded man named Grayson. During your chat with Grayson acquire the pistol, adding it to your collection of other great weapons.

Can you kill everyone in Cyberpunk 2077?

Can you kill civilians in Cyberpunk 2077? Yes. Game is basically Grand Theft Auto. Almost all the shenanigans you could do in GTA you can do here.

Can you finish cyberpunk without killing?

Yes, although this will be quite difficult to achieve. You have to stun your enemies instead of killing them – more information you’ll find later on the page. You should look for opportunities to use stealth and to hack, as well as use paths to avoid your enemies.

What happens if you kill Dum Dum cyberpunk?

Knocking out or killing Dum Dum will cause him to drop a rare / iconic revolver called Doom Doom. At the end of the mission, he will be waiting upstairs talking to Nancy on the couch.

Is maelstrom bad cyberpunk?

Of all the major criminal organizations in Cyberpunk 2077, the “Maelstrom” gang is one of the most dangerous groups. Addicted and consumed by cyberware augmentations, this group of psychos is a heinously violent gang that’s constantly on the prowl for more powerful augmentations and enhancement drugs.

Who is Dum Dum cyberpunk?

Dum Dum is a Maelstrom gang member and Royce’s representative in Cyberpunk 2077.