How do you change the color of tiles in Scrabble?

How do you change the color of tiles in Scrabble?

Hit the “More” button in the game’s toolbar, then choose “Tile Styles” from the menu. Next, scroll through the available tiles styles, hit “Turn On” for the one you want, and exit the menu. Changing your tile style in-game like this will also change the tile style in all of your other games.

How do I change my tiles on Scrabble go?

How to set the Classic tile design?From Scrabble Go, tap the Tiles tab at the bottom of the screen.Next, tap on the Inventory button at the top right of the page to see all your tiles.Find the Classic tile design and select it to view the tile.Lastly, press the Equip button and exit the tile’s screen to get back to playing.

How do you nudge someone on Scrabble?

For Scrabble Free versions:Go into the game you are waiting on by viewing it in the main menu under the header THEIR TURN.At the bottom right corner of the game screen is a Nudge button. To send a Nudge, tap that button. Your opponent will automatically be sent a Nudge notification.