Can you play bananagrams with Scrabble?

Can you play bananagrams with Scrabble?

The uninitiated often think that the only game you can play with “Scrabble” pieces is “Scrabble.” True word lovers have great imaginations, though, and have come up with several variations, including Bananagrams. Lay out the tiles face down in the middle of the table and mix them up well.

What are the rules for bananagrams?

Players can rearrange their own words as often as they want. There are no turns in Bananagrams, everyone works on their own crossword independently of each other. It’s a race to the finish!!! When a player successfully uses all their letters in a crossword, he or she says PEEL! and takes a tile from the bunch.

What are Bananagram tiles made of?

In Bananagrams, players draw letters from 144 plastic tiles in a banana pouch and form words, crossword puzzle style, in a race to exhaust their tiles before their competitors can. The first player to use up his or her tiles and shout Bananas! wins. The average game lasts 10 to 15 minutes.

Why is it called bananagrams?

After marathon sessions experimenting with various permutations of word games (and subjecting extended family and friends to hours of testing), the Nathansons finally came up with BANANAGRAMS. The name originated from Abe declaring, “This anagram game will drive you bananas!” – hence Bananagrams!

How many tiles do you get for bananagrams?


How do you cheat at bananagrams?

Talk to them. Ask them about words in their grids. “Accidentally” mess up their grid or “accidentally” drop a tile across the table. If you’re really behind, spill your drink all over the table so the game will have to stop.

Is ex allowed in bananagrams?

EX is a valid scrabble word.