The Most Popular Student Board Games

These days most students tend to stare at the screens of their smartphones. However, when they gather in companies, they are likely to entertain themselves with the help of tabletop games. Usually, students gather in companies of 2 to 6 persons. Most of them choose fast and fun games that don’t need a lot of hassle. Also, they help get distracted from the burdening routine. Do you want to learn more about the top board games that students choose to enhance their parties? Keep on reading the post.

Ticket To Ride

Modern tabletop games have large boards that imply a lot of small details that need players to stay focused. Also, they need to learn a lot of rules to get started. However, this game is a great alternative to the most complicated tabletop games. The rulebook is small and simple. The board is large, and all the elements are big. It makes the game so popular among students who don’t like to overcomplicate.

In a nutshell, it is a large board with routes for trains. The railroads connect major cities in the US. Also, players get cards, point marketers, and train models. Every time, players need to make a choice whether they need to get a card or move a train. Both actions have to be performed. However, it’s required to pick the best time for every action to outsmart other players and win.


It is a great board game for those who are good with numbers. Students who are interested in the world of finances, bonds, and stocks enjoy it most of all. It’s a simplified version of Monopoly that is more tailored to the stock market. The game implies a large board with the scale of money that players can get. Also, there are stacks of cards with dollar bills and actions that players have to do.

The game is simple, and you don’t need to pursue a degree in economics to win. In most cases, the cards that players get define their luck in the game. However, it’s vital to take action responsibly. In order to win, it’s needed to be attentive to details and doesn’t let the changes on the market force you to make incorrect choices. Also, the game needs players to pay close attention to what other players do.

At the beginning of the game, all players receive cards with different amounts of cash, bonds, etc. Therefore, the starting point is not equal for all. However, even those who get low in cash and bonds at the beginning of the game can win if they invest their money responsibly.


It’s a simple board game to start playing. The mechanics are straightforward, so it’s perfect for a large group gathered in a dorm room. However, it needs a large number of teams to split into two groups. Both teams get leaders assigned who can talk to players using code phrases only to help them pick the right cards from the board.

In a nutshell, it is a short detective game that requires players to team up and don’t let the opponents guess their plans. The games can be finished in 15 minutes. Therefore, undergraduates need to read an essay writing service review here – to find a good platform to help clear their schedules.

Since the game engages people to interact with each other and gain their deduction, it’s a perfect ice-breaker for first-year college students. In addition, it’s one of the best games to dive deep into the world of secret service agents and have fun. Therefore, students frequently choose this tabletop for entertainment.


This one is the world’s most recognized board game. A lot of people played it at least once in their lives. Moreover, the number of Monopoly fans is roughly countless. Indeed, it remains one of the most popular board games among students. Most of them know how to play. Others can simply learn the rules. Moreover, the tabletop game can be easily purchased in any store because it is insanely popular.

It is a real-estate game that can gather from 2 to 8 players. They all start from the same point and have to move according to the numbers on their dice. Moreover, all players have a particular amount of money that they have to use responsibly. The primary aim of the game is to buy properties and earn money. Players need their opponents to go bankrupt. However, they also need to manage their money responsibly not to waste them during a game. Even though Monopoly is simple, it needs players to be attentive to details and keep an eye on other players.

All tabletop games from the list above are the most popular ones college students use to entertain themselves. These games have simple rules and can engage a lot of players. It makes them so popular because undergraduates usually play board games to have fun when they gather together.