The Best Drinking Board Games to Play Right Now

There are a large number of board games. Most of them need people to think strategically and have the good luck to win. In most cases, people get board games when they gather in large companies and want to entertain themselves. Thanks to the great diversity of board games, people can pick any kind of them. For example, they can play tabletop games that require players to invest many hours. Also, they can bring fun board games that help pass the time by doing hilarious actions.

However, there is also one kind of tabletop game that is very popular around the world. It is called drinking board games. They help enhance any party and make it more fun. In case you don’t want to drink shots one by one with your friends, scroll down below. Read about the best drinking board games to play right now and pick the top ones that will enhance your party.

Drunken Tower

In a nutshell, it is a well-known board game called Jenga. It has the form of a tower of wooden blocks. Players need to remove blocks, keep the tower standing, and put them on the top one by one. It needs them to be careful because a player who ruins a tower loses a game. Usually, players remove and put wooden blocks in a particular way. It should make it hard to make a new move for their opponents. While playing the game, people have to be careful and attentive to details to avoid accidentally ruining a tower.

Unfortunately, the game may become boring fast because there are no unpredictable twists. However, the Drunken Tower game can enhance the playing experience by forcing players to drink. There are 60 blocks in the tower, and every one of them has a particular command that players need to follow every time they remove a particular piece. For instance, players may be forced to drink a shot or choose someone who needs to drink. By playing this game, even engineering students who never searched the question, “Who can do my paper for me?” on the Internet can ruin the tower and lose a game.

Sink or Shoot

The battleship is one of the most popular tabletop games in the world. It is a strategy board game where players need to place their vessels following particular rules and guess the position of the opponent’s ships. Players need to shoot one by one. However, when they hit an opponent’s vessel, they can make another shot simultaneously. A player who sinks all vessels of an opponent wins.

Sink or Shoot is an enhanced version of this popular game. It has a form of a large box that creates two gaming boards when the box is opened. Players have to sit facing each other. However, there is a whiteboard where players can mark their moves and wipe them out. Also, the game comes with wooden pieces that represent vessels. Each of them has notches to place shots. The number of shots per vessel depends on the number of cells a ship takes. When an opponent hits a particular cell with a ship, players have to drink a shot. It’s a simple rule that makes the game more interesting.


It is a perfect tabletop game for beer lovers. The game’s name makes it sound similar to Monopoly, the most famous tabletop game globally. However, there is no need to buy properties, playing Beeropoly. The game has a form of a board with actions that players need to do when their pointers reach them. A rolling dice determines how many moves players have to make. They need to make one round to reach the final point.

The game may seem simple and fast at first sight. However, there are a few interesting rules. When players cannot reach the final point due to the many moves they need to make, they have to stay in their position and repeat an action. For instance, they may be required to drink beer another player has left in their bottles. Also, they may be forced to pour their drink into the community cup. Finally, the only player left loses a game and needs to drink from the community cup.

Who Needs a Ship?

It is a simplified version of a drinking battleship game. It’s a perfect pick if you don’t want to invest a lot of money into purchasing an expensive board. The game has a form of two plastic boards with 12 cells in each. The boards are separated by a piece of plastic that contains the rules. All players need to sit facing each other. They need to place four shoots. One of them represents a ship. Players need to guess where the vessels of their opponents are located. When a player hits a ship, an opponent has to drink. A player who hits all four ships wins. However, players don’t get the right to make another move when hitting an opponent’s vessel. All the shots need to be made one by one. It’s a quick drinking board game that can fit any backpack, so you can easily grab it at any party along with glasses.