The Best Board Games For Bluffers

Bluffing games are among the most popular game categories amongst all types: online, casino, and board games. They are entertaining to play with a group of friends. So if you’re looking for the best bluffing games, you’re in the right place. Here is our list of the four best board games for bluffers.

 What Are Bluffing Games?

If you’re a poker player or you have tried playing poker at least once, you’ve heard terms such as “bluffing” or “poker face.” Bluffing is essentially a term that describes the act of lying convincingly. Bluffing is mainly used in games such as poker, where you need to mislead your opponents to win.

However, poker is not the only bluffing game. In fact, this category of games is prevalent in online or casino games and in board games. Bluffing games essentially give us permission to trick our friends or other players to win, which we would rarely do in real life since it is poorly received socially. Bluffing games free us from these limitations – and maybe that’s why they are so popular.

  1. Sheriff of Nottingham

Sheriff of Nottingham is by far the most popular board game for bluffers. It can be enjoyable to play if you truly feel into your characters! It is a quick and easy game based on bluffing, bribery, and smuggling.

In this game, you play the role of a merchant who wants to sell their goods at the local market. However, before you can do it, your products need to be thoroughly checked by the Sheriff of Nottingham, the guardian of the city’s law (and is played by a different player every turn). So, as a merchant, you need to declare what products you’re trying to bring into the city. However, suppose you’re trying to smuggle something into the city… well. In that case, you’ll need to lie to the Sheriff and convince him that you’re not transporting any contraband.

  1. Skull

Skull is a pretty easy game to play with straightforward rules. This game takes place mainly in each player’s head and requires excellent bluffing abilities, just like poker.

This game consists of two types of cards: those with a rose on them and those with a skull. In turn, each player puts a face-down card on the table until one of the players states that they can turn up a specific number of cards and find only roses. Then, each player starts overbidding. The one that bids the highest number starts to turn the cards face up. The goal is to turn as many cards face up without finding a skull as the player bid. If they do that, they win.

Skull is a fun board game based on classic bluffing, running risks, and quick decision-making. Anticipating other players’ moves and piercing their poker face is critical to success but not guaranteed, as this game is simply unpredictable.

  1. Secret Hitler

Although this board game may be a little controversial due to its plot, it is one of the best bluffing games. Apart from excellent bluffing abilities, this game also requires a good strategy and tactics.

Secret Hitler is a social deduction game set in Germany in the 1930s when Hitler comes to power. The game secretly assigns each player the liberal or a fascist role. One of the players is given the leading role – the Secret Hitler. In the game, the fascists incite conflicts purposedly and look for a way to make their leader get to power, while the liberals are trying to find and stop him. Based on their behavior and actions, the players need to figure out the Secret Hitler.

  1. Love Letter

Love Letter is a fun, competitive card game that requires bluffing and excellent deduction skills. It has quickly become prevalent amongst board game lovers, as it is easy to play and has simple rules.

In this game, six players are fighting for the princess’ hand. However, there’s one problem: after the Queen got arrested for treason, Princess Annette decided to lock herself in her palace. So the only way that her suitors can get to her is by writing her a love letter and bringing it to her first. To do that, the players need to use their bluffing, mind reading, and deduction skills to mislead their opponents. There is also some luck involved that determines which cards you withdraw.