How Video Games Helped Give Us The Self-driving Car

Self-driving cars have come along a long way thanks to new software and advanced AI technology. It is to be believed that self-driving cars will take over manual driving cars in the future.

Now the auto manufacturers making the cars smarter and this way the cars can separate cyclists, big cars, trucks, pedestrians and even animals on the road.

This technology can save collisions, or prevent accidents that can happen due to human errors.

Such things can never happen without some hardware like a graphics processor that gets used in a normal PC that you use in your home. It’s an innovation that follows back to the ancient days of personal computing, which means where people were not used to the popular widgets of today instead they were fond of “World of Warcraft”.

In standard PCs, the graphics processor — normally found on a graphics card — is the thing that permits PCs to draw that multitude of pixels and polygons that make up the present photorealistic computer games.

Yet, as these processors have developed perpetually amazing, engineers have found their utility in a wide range of non-gaming applications. GPU or Graphic Processing Units have now become a complete computer system because of their functions and features.

The visual effects you see in the sci-fi Hollywood movies or video games are nothing but functions of the GPUs. Apart from this, there are many industries that are using Graphic processing units to ease their works or research.

For example, Auto manufacturers are designing their cars using GPU, doctors and other researchers using it to research some new medical imaging techniques and cancer cures and treatments, etc.

So, when you are thinking about selling your damaged cars and getting a new one, the reason behind it is easily understandable. Yes, automatic cars are the future and if you want to own one then you are making the correct decision.

From all of these, it can be easily understood that the GPU business has flourished like nothing. To be more precise, one of the major components that drive AI technology is GPU–Google Assistant, Amazon Echo are some of the examples of the same.

Using the powerful CPU and GPU at the same time it can be possible to accelerate the research on deep-learning scientific solutions and high-performance computing and analytics.

If you are eager to know how GPU has made its way into the next-generation or futuristic technologies, you have to know the process of its work.

As of now, you know that the brain of the PC is its Central Processing Unit or CPU. Intel, Apple are some companies that are popular for the production of CPU chips. However, since Apple has been making it for its own products such as iPad and iPhone, Intel has been making it for Windows.

As the main use of PC was computing, the major feature of CPU is to make and run the calculations easily and simultaneously. The modern days CPUs like dual or quad-core ones have more extended capabilities.

The basic computing process of a computer can be done using the CPU chips only. However, latest technologies require something more to provide more. For the same reason, the system of self-driving cars cannot only depend on CPU. This is because the system will be designed in order to perform multiple tasks, and that’s why GPU is the key element for such cars.

PC researchers started to find the potential behind GPUs as far back as the last part of the 1990s when the market was flooded with many contending chip marketers. Those products helped in creating PC and gaming consoles like Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, which created breakthrough games like “Halo”, “Quake”, “Half-Life”, etc.

Earlier, GPU helped to accentuate the graphics and later, it has given life to the pixels. Within the 2000s, GPU was giving strong competition to CPU as it showed some huge breakthroughs in the graphics sector.

As researchers were able to see that a low-cost system or processor can be used in scientific and mathematical applications, it becomes easier for them to work on it.

As GPUs become considerably more remarkable and gain significantly more elements, you can anticipate that they should manifest in much more places. Within the evolved cars, many independent processors that used to have only one function —, for example, A single processor now can do all the work that was previously used to get done by different processors.

A single processor will now be able to control the auto-brakes, power windows, honks, sound and the GPS system.

What’s more, you can see vehicles work progressively like Tesla’s cars, where you may alter your vehicle by singling out various programming bundles to suit your driving style.

Moreover, you can nearly have some more applications available to buy to add some more new accessories or elements to your car which were not present at the time you purchased it.

For gamers who’ve become used to purchasing development packs for their product — otherwise called downloadable substance or DLC — this thought may sound exceptionally recognizable.