How much is perfect Cs?

How much is perfect Cs?

First and foremost, to get around 120 CS at 10 minutes (which is considered ‘perfect’) is not something most players if any hope to achieve in a real game.

How much CS should I have at 20 minutes?

around 180 – 200 CS

How much CS should you have 30 minutes?

Generally I would like to aim for 30 at 5, 80+ at 10, and 150+ at 20. But on my best champion (Ziggs) I can hit 200 at 20, and I have hit 350 at 30 minutes on him a few times. But generally at 30 minutes I would get 250-280 depending on how fast the game is going. Depends on the game and the lane honestly.

How many CS is good per minute?

A decent CS per minute starts at around 8 CS/min. Anything less than this is a signal that the player should work on his CS per minute skills. A good CS per minute is anything from 9 CS/min and above.

Is 7 CS Min good?

Any score above 9 cs/min is exceptional, but a score between 7 and 9 cs/min is still decent. You will win games with much lower cs/min scores, but recognize that 12 or 13 minions run down your lane every minute, and the lower you go, the less you were maximizing your gold income in those games.

What CS should you aim for?

Generally about 75 cs per 10 mins of game time, anything above that means you’re doing really well but also depends on how aggressive the enemy is. Mid lane might be slightly higher as the minion waves arrive earlier and can farm jungle creeps if necessary.

How much Cs do you need to get an S?

ADC needs about 7 CS while top and mid are expected to get about 8 CS a minute for an S ranking. KDA factor into a point. Basically if you are 2+ KDA at any position, you are where you need to be in order to reach an S ranking, provided you meet the other criteria.

How do you get S rank in re3?

Standard S-Rank Requirements: Beat the game in 2 hours without saving more than 5 times (does not count auto-saving). Hardcore S-Rank Requirements: Beat the game in 1 hour and 45 minutes without saving more than 5 times (does not count auto-saving).

How do you get S rank?

If you want that S rank, you need to go out there and slay Dragons, Barons, and Rift Heralds. A good way to improve yourself here would be to remind yourself to touch the tower when another player is getting one, even if they can do it on their own – the same thing goes for the dragon.

Can you get S rank with unlimited ammo re2?

So yes you can.

Is it better to play as Leon or Claire first?

Simply speaking, it really doesn’t matter who you choose to play as first in Resident Evil 2, because you can start a new campaign straight after as the counterpart character.

Should I play Claire A or B first?

There’s one thing to consider : If you do Claire B first, then you will be forced to do Claire A before you unlock Leon B. No, once a 2nd Run is complete both characters 2nd Run is unlocked.

How do I update CS practice?

To update Practice CS:

  1. Visit to download the latest version of Practice CS. You will need to log in using your CS Web Account to access the download.
  2. From the list of available products to download, click Practice CS.
  3. Follow the instructions on the page to download and install Practice CS.

How much does UltraTax cost?

UltraTax CS Express Firm – support for electronically filing up to 150 individual income tax returns and 100 business tax returns for $4,995 per year. Also includes Planner CS providing advanced tax planning capabilities.

What should my CS be at 10 minutes?

100 cs

How do you get 10 CS per minute?

The only way you get 10 cs per minutes is if you don’t help you team so it’s really not that worth. if you want to get 10 cs a min you have to control the lane. you decide when to back with losing the min cs, you can get every CS all the way in the back of the wave without worrying about getting traded on etc.

How much CS should you have at 30 minutes?

But generally at 30 minutes I would get 250-280 depending on how fast the game is going. Depends on the game and the lane honestly. Ideal world you can have 38 by 5 minutes, 108 (i think) by 10, and over 200 by 20. However you’ll often never get this situation.

What is a good creep score?

90 is something to strive for every game, but 70-80 is a massive success. I’d say you’re fine if you hit 70, great if you hit 80, and if you hit 90 than you’re probably already winning your lane by a landslide as long as you’re not a really high elo.

How much CS is a BF sword?

A BF Sword costs 1300 gold, and give +40 AD. A Long Sword costs 350 gold, and gives +10 AD.

What does GANK mean in lol?

attack on an enemy champion

How much gold do you get per CS?

You need to cs better; unless you play jungle, in which case you need to gank more

League cs/min gold/min
Silver 5.55 381.66
Gold 5.88 386.96
Platinum 6.09 391.11
Diamond 6.27 395.80

How much Cs do you need for an S?

The easiest way to get an S is through CS. If you have 10+ CS per minute, more than 4 kills and 1 or less deaths you’ll definitely get an S. So basically farm all game and only attack people who are low HP.

How much CS should a Jungler have?

How much CS you should have with a jungler depends on the impact you had in the game. If you gank a lot (I assume you don’t tax), you will have a lower CS score, but the same or even more gold than the enemy jungler with more creeps. If you play a farmjungler, you should aim for 65 CS per 10 minutes.

Is CS more important than kills?

CS is much better gold because it is more reliable than player kills. An average creep wave will get you almost as much as killing a champion. IT provides gold so you can secure those objectives. You can’t just go an instantly take a tower down, since you’re not strong enough or high enough level.

Where did gank come from LoL?

The origins of gank are unclear. It is possible it comes from a variant pronunciation of gang(ster). This explanation is compelling, as one of the earliest instances of the word comes from the 1987 track “Dopeman” by legendary hip-hop group N.W.A.

What FF means in LoL?

To forfeit

What does SS stand for in LoL?

Stay Safe

What does ADC mean in LoL?

attack damage carry

What is KS ML?

️SS – special skill, Super Skill. ️Ult – ultimate skill. ️KS – KillSteal, KillSecure.

What does SS stand for on Roblox?

The abbreviation SS has a number of meanings, including “Screen Shot,” “Schutzstaffel,” “Short Stacked,” “Short Stop” and “Missing.” Here is a little more information about each of these definitions of SS.