How do I redeem tarkov?

How do I redeem tarkov?

  1. Register an account on:
  2. Log in: Go to your profile and then click on “PROMO CODE”. and activate it.

Can documents case hold keys?

The Documents case can hold Folder with intelligence, Keys, Maps, Money and Secure Flash drive.

What can Documents Case hold?

It can store:

  • Currency.
  • Diary.
  • Folder with intelligence.
  • GP coin.
  • Keys & Keycards.
  • Maps.
  • Physical bitcoin.
  • SAS drive.

Where can I find hand drill tarkov?


  1. In Buried barrel caches.
  2. In Dead Scavs.
  3. In Ground caches.
  4. In Sport bags.
  5. In Technical supply crates.
  6. In Toolboxes.

How much is a hand drill worth in tarkov?

Hand drill

Category Barter
Size 3×2
Weight 2.3 kg
Base Price ₽ 60,000
Max. Stack 1

What is a hand drill used for in tarkov?

Hand drill is used for first stash upgrade, along with 2 other items and 3.5m rouble.

What is the hand drill used for in Escape from tarkov?

Used for. One Handdrill is required for the upgrade of the Hideout module Stash – Level 2.

Where is the marked room key?

The Marked key can be found inside the pockets of Scavs and in Jackets.

Is there a marked room on shoreline?

Shoreline. The fourth marked spot is located in the “pig room” (East Wing Room 321) on the third floor in the health resort on Shoreline. Like on Customs, the room is easily identified by candles and numerous markings on the door.

What does the unknown key open?

Tasks. The Unknown key is a optional requirement of The Extortionist. It is used to unlock the construction site container in which the Secure case for documents 0048 can be found.

Where is the portable cabin key of Customs factory zone?

On the ground under a jacket in the locked room next to the office on Factory. Factory exit key needed.

Where can I get a machinery key?

Key Location Inside of the brown Jacket in room 205 of the three-story dorm building.

Where do I use the cabin key in tarkov?

Portable cabin key

Usage Unlocks the portable door in the Bus Depot on Customs.

What do keys do in Escape from tarkov?

Keys are very special items that grant you access to locked doors which often contain the best loot on each map.