FoneGeek iOS Location Changer – Best Solution to Fake GPS Location on iPhone

GPS technology is a game-changer and has made our lives easier by giving us the ability to track routes on maps, food deliveries and rides, as well as allowing us to play location-based AR games.

Even though the GPS feature has many pros, it also has a number of cons, for example, it makes it difficult for people to access Geo-specific apps, services and games. Then iOS location changer comes in handy in such a situation.

Have you ever tried FoneGeek iOS Location Changer? If you’re seeking an easy and reliable software to help you spoof your iPhone’s GPS location, give FoneGeek iOS Location Changer a chance. We put it to the test and found it to be fantastic.

To learn why, read our in-depth review of FoneGeek iOS Location Changer.

What Is FoneGeek iOS Location Changer?

FoneGeek iOS Location Changer  is illustrious for it’s multi-purpose GPS location spoofing technology. With this app, you can easily change your iPhone or iPad’s GPS location to anyplace in the world.

This location changer will allow you to spoof your location on a map to prevent being monitored, broadcast your favourite spot with friends via social media, and gain access to a plethora of services through location-based apps. It’s also convenient to play any AR game without leaving your house.

FoneGeek iOS Location Changer’s Features

GPS Location Spoofer

If you are concerned that your phone is being tracked, you can use this option to mask your location. You can, for example, create a virtual location on the map for Find My (Friends), and your family and friends will no longer be able to track you.

As a matter of fact, you may use FoneGeek iOS Location Changer to broadcast a fictitious virtual location on all social media platforms. Furthermore, you can create a fake location to meet individuals from all over the world on dating applications.

In short, this tool can be used to hide your whereabouts on any location-based platform, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Bumble, Pokemon Go, etc.

GPS Movement Simulation

 It’s not just about faking your location using FoneGeek iOS Location Changer; any VPN or proxy can accomplish that. It also enables for real-time movement simulation. It lets you to construct and move along real-time routes on a map.

Two modes are available: two-spot mode and multi-spot mode. The two-spot mode is really simple to use. The program constructs the journey flow in the chosen area when you set your starting and ending route points.

The multi-spot mode gives you more options. You have the freedom to travel wherever you wish by road, air, or sea. We chose four road sites for our Singapore trip. In this mode, you can choose from up to 100 options.

Customize Speed

 You have the option of choosing your own moving pace. Then all you have to do is work on your walking, driving, or cycling skills. This functionality will be a fantastic approach to assist you when playing AR games like Pokemon GO. You don’t have to do anything except sit at home for the game because you can choose the route’s speed.

Pause AnyTime

 Unlike many other tools, FoneGeek iOS Location Spoofer makes faking your location more natural. This is due to the fact that the points along the path can stop or continue at any time. As a result, any tracker will have a harder time determining whether the position is real or not, preventing any potential harm.

Set Coordinates

 When using FoneGeek iOS Location Changer, it’s easy to get an accurate location by entering the coordinates. As a result, you’ll be able to figure out the location with fewer errors.

FoneGeek iOS Location Changer’s Modes

 FoneGeek iOS Location Changer offers three main modes for simulating GPS movement, which are as follows:

  • Teleport Mode: This mode allows you to change your device’s GPS position to any location in the world with a single click.
  • Two-Spot Mode: When you wish to simulate movement from one location on a map to another, this is the mode you use. It is primarily used in navigation applications such as Google Maps and Waze.
  • Multi-Spot Mode:This is the app’s more complex mode, which allows users to select various locations on a map to simulate GPS movement along a predetermined course.

How to Use FoneGeek iOS Location Changer

 To use FoneGeek iOS Location Changer to spoof your iPhone’s GPS location, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open FoneGeek iOS Location Changer after downloading and installing it on your PC.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the PC. Once the device is detected, you should be able to see a mam that shows your present location.

Step 3: To zoom in on the map and select the appropriate place, click “Teleport mode.” You can also type the desired address into the top address box.

Step 4: The coordinates, distance, and name of the location you picked will be displayed. To move the GPS position to this new place, click “Move.” The location on your iPhone will change in an instant.

FoneGeek iOS Location Changer Pricing

 If you’re interested in FoneGeek iOS Location Changer, we recommend trying it out first. Its free version includes the following features:

  • Teleport mode – 5 time usage
  • The Two-spot mode – 2 time usage

The nicest aspect is that the free version is available indefinitely. Just remember to adhere to the above-mentioned usage restrictions.

Sign up for the FoneGeek iOS Location Changer  monthly plan for $9.95 a month to have access to features like unlimited two-spot and multi-spot mode usage. One PC and five iOS devices are included in the monthly package. You may also pay $19.95 for a quarterly plan or $39.95 for a yearly plan.

Unless you cancel your subscription, it will automatically renew. However, you can do so at any moment and without incurring any further fees. All of FoneGeek’s plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

User Experience & Reliability

Website Friendliness: Unlike other location snooping apps, this iOS Location Changer comes from FoneGeek, a well-known software company with a well-organized website. You may quickly locate what you need, such as a product introduction, operation guide, reviews, and a buy page with various licenses.

However, we can’t seem to discover adequate information on other iSpoofer or iTools websites.

Ease of Use: FoneGeek iOS Location Changer doesn’t require iTunes to function. This means it takes less than a minute to set it up. Furthermore, a full-featured 5-times location spoofing trial is offered to ensure that you fully comprehend how it works before making a purchase decision.

Risks of Being Banned: FoneGeek iOS Location Spoofer does function with popular AR games like Pokemon Go, but it doesn’t say so on its website. During use, you may see too-fast-speed or too-long-distance warnings, which are intended to protect your account during Pokemon Go spoofing.

Customer Service: When things go wrong with this GPS location spoofing product, FoneGeek’s 24×7 customer assistance comes in handy, making it easier to figure out what’s wrong. iSpoofer and iTools, on the other hand, don’t even have a dedicated customer support department.


 To summarise, this article presents a thorough and unbiased assessment of FoneGeek iOS Location Changer. You would agree after reading this post that FoneGeek gives the greatest fake location software in 2021. It not only allows users to spoof their GPS location in a simple and rapid manner, but it also allows them to create their fake route and alter their moving pace.