Can Steiner learn auto Regen?

Can Steiner learn auto Regen?

The earliest you can get Auto-Regen for Zidane and Amarant is via the “Golden Hairpin” accessory found at Mount Gulug. As for Steiner, you need to get to Pandemonium and retrieve the chest containing the “Carabini Mail” located almost right before the boss battle.

How long does Regen last ff7?

around 21.3 seconds

How do I get healing springs FFX?

Healing Spring can be stolen from Achelous, Behemoth King, Catoblepas, Evrae Altana, and Vorban, dropped from Kottos, or bribed Octopus, Phlegyas, and Achelous.

Where can I get healing water FFX?

Healing Water is a rare item to come by, and multiple are needed to train abilities. It is a common steal from the Adamantoise, though only one can be stolen at a time. Anacondaurs will yield approximately 16 when bribed for 145,000 gil.

How do you beat Kottos FFX?

Kottos has only 440,000 HP, which is low compared to other Area Conquest fiends. One way to beat it is cast Protect on the party’s tank, and then use Sentinel so that they will take all enemy attacks, saving the other party members.

Where can I get spring stamina FFX?

  1. Midgar.
  2. 7th Heaven.

How do you get stamina tablets in FFX?

Final Fantasy X Stamina Tablet doubles the max HP of one character. It can be found on the Moonflow by having Rikku use steal on the chests in battle, though this is not guaranteed. They can be stolen from Yunalesca, Abyss Worms, Adamantoises, Ironclads and Vorbans, and bribed from Bashura and Defender.

Where can I get mega Phoenix FFX?

Final Fantasy X Mega Phoenixes can be found at Djose Temple, won at second place in a Blitzball league, and 99 are awarded by unlocking Pteryx. They can also be stolen from Dark Ifrit, dropped from Extractor, Mech Defender, Mech Hunter, YAT-97, and YAT-99, and Bribe bribed from Alcyone and Ghost.

How do you fight the magic urn in FFX?

Magic Urn can only be killed with Yojimbo’s Zanmato or Doom, which takes 200 turns to work if used on the center eye, or 3 turns if used on any other eye. If Magic Urn is killed in this fashion it gives nothing as a reward.

Where do I get light curtains FFX?

Light Curtain applies reflect effect to target. It can be bought for 1000 pg, found in Gravemark Village, Eternian Central Command, and Everlast Tower, and dropped from Land Turtle, and Braev (ch 5).

What does Shell do in FFX?

Final Fantasy X-2 Shell is a White Magic spell that reduces damage done by magical attacks for 10 MP.

How do you get auto Phoenix FFX?

To get Auto Phoenix on a piece of armor, you need 20 Mega-Phoenix’s. It is difficult to farm Mega-Phoenix’s off normal drop rates from normal monsters. In the Cave of the Stolen Fayth, you can bribe a Ghost for 200,000 gil to receive 30-40 Mega Phoenix’s.

How do you unlock ironclad FFX?

Ironclad is an enemy in Final Fantasy X, created in the Species Conquest at Monster Arena after ten Iron Giant and ten of each type of Gemini fiend have been captured. The prize for unlocking it is 60 Mana Tablets and the cost to fight it is 8,000 gil.

Where is the Iron Giant FFX?

The Iron Giant is an enemy in Final Fantasy X found in the northern section of the Thunder Plains. They also appear in unison with the Gemini enemy in the Omega Ruins.

How do you unlock Neslug?

Neslug can be unlocked in the Monster Arena by capturing one of each fiend from all across Spira. This is the only Monster Arena creation that has its own creature model and does not look like any of the other creatures that you can fight within the game.

How do you unlock sleep sprout FFX?

Sleep Sprout is a special enemy in Final Fantasy X, created in the Species Conquest in Monster Arena after at least five of each Fungus-type fiends have been captured.