Board Games That Take the Longest to Finish

Even though there are many video games, tabletop ones do not get covered by dust. A lot of people enjoy playing board games when they gather together. It helps them interact with each other and have fun. Also, they don’t need to spend time staring at the screens to play with other people.

Most tabletop games are designed to be played fast. If only a few players are engaged, an average game can be finished in about 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the market for tabletop games is huge. Those who can spend 2 to 10 hours behind a desk can find many games that satisfy their needs. In case you have a lot of spare time, check out the selection in the post below. Then, read about the top board games that take the longest to complete and find a new one to buy.

Europe Engulfed

It is one of the most popular board games about WW2. It focuses on the European continent during the conflict that lasted from 1939 to 1945. The game covers the entire period, so it lasts long. Players should be ready to play for roughly 10 hours. Nevertheless, they may spend up to 14 hours finishing it. Playing the Europe Engulfed is a serious event that needs players to allocate the entire day.

The game needs so much time to get finished because of a large number of small details that should be considered. It comes with a large map of Europe, wooden blocks, and a 24-page guide with rules and examples. Therefore, you won’t be able to start playing right away after purchasing the tabletop game. It needs all the players to explore the rules meticulously first, spending a sustainable amount of time.

The game needs players to create conquering and defending strategies that imply any possible outcomes to win. Well-developed rules make the playing experience similar to the real world. For instance, all players can collect resources from particular territories. However, conquered areas provide fewer resources than the original ones. Therefore, it makes it hard to capture other territories fast. Also, many minor details make the tabletop game hard to finish fast.


It is a predecessor of the Civilization video games series. They need players to develop different nations, having the strategic development approach in mind. The tabletop game needs to have a lot of spare space on a table because it implies many different elements, like cards and pins of various forms.

It attracts a lot of players by the ability to choose the path of development. Different civilizations don’t need to pursue the same goal. They don’t need to become the strongest nations fast to capture more territories.

On the contrary, players can choose the way their nation will develop. They can build a powerful empire that is focused on conquering other territories. Also, they can focus on science and make technologies the main advantage over other players. All players need to start at the time when the first crop is harvested and develop their nations to the medieval ages. It makes the tabletop game last longer.


It is a board-top strategy that needs players to run the major powers in Europe at the very beginning of the 20th century. They have to play for the empires. For instance, players can choose among the Austria-Hungary, Ottoman, British, German, French, and Russian empires. Every power has strong and weak sides. The biggest empires don’t have better chances to win.

The main purpose of the game is to gain as much territory as possible. To make the outcomes more unpredictable, they are allowed to build alliances to stubble other players. Due to the detailed map, specific rules, and unexpected moves, this board game takes about a dozen hours to finish. Therefore when students are invited to play the game, they don’t miss a chance to explore to find a top-grade writing service. Professional homework assistance is required because the game needs players to clear their schedules.

World In Flames

It is a board game that will force all people to dive deep into the frontlines of WW2. Unlike most other games, this one has a large number of unique peculiarities. For starters, the game is very detailed. It’s not focused on the European continent only. The board map implies the Asian region and Pacific. Northern Africa and Scandinavia are included as well.

Players are free to pick any power. However, all of them are divided by the Aliases and Asix, following the historical events. They also join the battle, according to the historical timeline. At the same time, players have a lot of flexibility. They can build long- and short-term strategies. They can ally up with other powers and break their agreements simultaneously.