Board Games Ideas for Elderly People

You are as young as the child inside you. Being young is a state of mind, a state of soul, and it’s not hard to achieve. All a person needs to do is play. Let your inner child go bonkers and do all you desire. You don’t need any elixirs to be young. All you need are some good old board games. It doesn’t matter if you play them with a friend or a romantic partner. What matters is to have fun. And to win. No, scratch that. When you get bored, get wine, and choose a board game. Yes, that’s a tough one, we know. A person can’t go wrong with classics like Monopoly and Scrabble. It all comes down to whom you are playing with. People generally love to compete, so board games are a good choice. They aren’t for friends only, of course. Spice things up with a significant other and make the loser lose a piece of clothing. Variations are almost endless. Playing board games keeps the boredom away. Read on if you’re in doubt about which board game to play as we listed games you could play with a friend, a mature romantic partner, or both.

Situations When Board Games can Be Handy

The great thing about board games is that you can take them wherever you want. Because of that, there are many situations in which you may need them (no electricity, long trip on a train, nothing to watch on TV). However, we’ll cover ones suitable for friends and couples.

New Couples Trying to Establish a Relationship

Starting a new relationship can be scary, especially if you’re a little older. Take a deep breath, nothing to be scared of. After a few dates, try to find out if your partner loves board games and which ones. That way, you get a chance to invite your partner over for a board game night. Show off your cooking skills or order in; it doesn’t matter. Shared interests are a great way to start building a relationship, so play as long as you both feel like it.

Some younger generations don’t want to play board games. However, men dating mature singles can use familiar games to bond with their ladies after meeting online. People connect through chatting on the site, but nothing compares to spending time together in person. Board games are handy on the first couple of dates because they prevent awkward silences. Also, they can be helpful to get to know your date even more; we all change when competing. You can even steal a kiss at the end of the night, depending on your score.

Long-term Friends Spending Quality Time

The chances are that senior people have a friend since childhood. That being the case, it’s not hard to imagine running out of things to talk about. This is the part where board games step in. Lack of new things to talk about is nothing to worry about. That doesn’t mean that your quality days are over. Grab a few cans of beer, get some peanuts or pretzels, dust off your old board game, and get this party started. Be sure the evening will end up with both of you getting nostalgic about the good ol’ times.

Best Picks for the Occasion

Here is the list of board games a person can play with friends or a partner.

Chess or Checkers

Depending on your skills, you can play chess or checkers. These games are perfect for both situations, whether playing with a friend or having a good time with your romantic partner. Chess has more figures and requires some moving roles, and Checkers contain only pawns that can move straight or backward. Whatever game you choose, your mind will be grateful for the exercise. When playing with a friend, you can include shots of alcohol into the game and switch them with pawns. Lovers can make the loser do something to or for the winner.


Scrabble is a great way to practice vocabulary. It’s a beloved game for generations who spent hours playing it with friends and family. When with a partner, you can play this game a little bit differently; use only flirting-related words. That way, you are building things up for a match that will come after. After all, mature couples can change some rules the way they want and feel right.


We all played Monopoly at least once in life. Remember all those fights with siblings and other family members? Now when you’re a bit older and wiser, you know better. Monopoly guarantees laughter, negotiation, begging, anger, and so much more. Just make sure that things don’t go too far. The game of Monopoly can last for hours, which makes that board game perfect for fun nights with good friends. Do not forget to procure a decent supply of snacks for the whole company and enjoy this old but gold classic.