Why do people weigh Pokemon card packs?

Why do people weigh Pokemon card packs?

If one goes into a store and buys a pack, the thing they are paying for is a one in three chance to get a holographic or EX/GX card. Weighing packs removes that chance that people are paying for, and therefore fits the textbook definition of scamming.

Are Miscut Pokemon cards worth more?

no, they will be worth less. Personal value… yes, people enjoy collecting all types of anamolies. All you have to do is look at the collectible card markets over the last 100+ years and you'll find the long term value answer.

Is weighing Pokemon packs illegal?

You're not wrong. But it's not illegal. If it's not against the rules in the establishment they're doing this, then you have no right to get in their face and force them out the store.

Do weighing booster packs work?

It does work and can be accurate depending on which scale you're using. Blister packs are a little more difficult to consistently scale though, while I've seen people weigh the loose boosters from boxes with a very high success rate. weighing packs absolutely works.