Where did Pokemon come from?

Where did Pokemon come from?

Pokémon is short for “Pocket Monsters", the original Japanese name. The franchise has its roots in a gaming magazine in the early 1980s in Japan—Game Freak, started by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori.

Who is the creator of Pokemon cards?

Satoshi TajiriSatoshi Tajiri: The man who created Pokémon. Pokémon is a multimedia giant, but it all started with one man. That would be Satoshi Tajiri, who created developer Game Freak and the initial idea that would become one of the biggest gaming franchises of all time, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this week.

How do I know what set my Pokemon cards are from?

To identify the set, look for a little symbol at the bottom of the card, next to the card number. There are a bunch of these set symbols… 5-6 sets are released every year, each with a different set symbol, and they've been printing cards since 1999!

Where are Pokemon cards manufactured?

JapanThe Pokémon Card Laboratory (PCL), located in Japan, is the designer of new cards and the ultimate authority on any matter relating to the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Does the guy who created Pokemon have autism?

Satoshi Tajiri is a high-functioning autistic. Yes, the creator of Pokemon is on the spectrum. It actually fits when you look at it. Satoshi has gone on record saying that he wanted the games to give children the same joy as he had during his bug collecting.

What was the first Pokemon product?

The franchise began as Pokémon Red and Green (later released outside of Japan as Pokémon Red and Blue), a pair of video games for the original Game Boy handheld system that were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo in February 1996.