What are Pokemon EX and GX cards?

What are Pokemon EX and GX cards?

Pokémon-GX work very similarly to both Pokémon-EX from the Black & White and XY series and Pokémon-ex from the EX Series. They possess considerably higher HP and stronger attacks compared to their regular counterparts. However, when a Pokémon-GX is Knocked Out, the opponent takes two Prize cards instead of one.

Are Pokemon ex cards rare?

1 Full Art EX Cards: $37 These Full Art EX Pokémon cards are undoubtedly the lowest-value cards we've talked about in this article. They sell for a maximum of $37, which is a pittance compared to the thousands of dollars you can get for other cards. However, that doesn't mean that these cards aren't rare!

How many ex Pokemon cards are there?

155 Pokemon EX in all!

What is Pokemon GX card?

These cards include Shiny Pokémon, Trainers, alternate-art Pokémon, and some rarer Mega evolution cards. Pokémon-GX cards were introduced with the Pokémon Sun and Moon expansion. These cards have a specific move set at the bottom of their card that can only be used once per game.