How many gold plated Pokemon cards are there?

How many gold plated Pokemon cards are there?

The toys were used to promote Pokémon: The First Movie. There are 59 toys in total (although it was promoted as 57 due to 3 of the toys being variants of each other). There were also a set of six 23-karat gold plated cards which came in Poké Balls that were available to buy at the restaurant chain that year.

How much gold is on the gold plated Pokemon cards?

It features 11 grams of pure 24 karat gold and cost a whopping 216,000 yen (JPY), equivalent to £1544 GBP or $1880 USD by today's exchange rate.

How much is a gold plated jigglypuff card worth?

It is a good product. It is not worth more than $5. It opens up with the gold plated pokemon inside a case. It even has a certificate of authenticity.

How much is a golden Mewtwo card worth?

If it is the gold plated Mewtwo card from the 1999 Burger King promotion, it is not worth much. The market is saturated with these. If you have it sealed in the box, you might be able to get a good price, though. I have a Golden Reshiram Pokémon card that is going on the market for around $50 USD.