How do I clear my saved for later on eBay?

How do I clear my saved for later on eBay?

Answers (1) If you use the eBay app, you can quickly remove items from your “Saved For Later” list without losing your place by swiping left (or swipe right to add the item to your cart). Similarly, you can delete items from your cart by swiping left, or add them to your “Saved For Later” list by swiping right.

How do I find my saved for later items on Ebay?

You should be able to see your “Saved For Later” items by opening your cart and scrolling down the page. Hover your cursor over MY EBAY top right of any page. Scroll down to watch list.

How do I delete items I saved for later on Amazon?

To do this you simply scrolled to the item you wish to remove and select the word delete from below the item.

Where are my Amazon saved for later items?

To wait until another day to buy some of the items in your Shopping Cart, click Save for later. This will move the item to your Saved for Later list located below the Shopping Cart. Click Move to cart next to an item when you are ready to purchase it.

How long do items stay in Amazon basket?

7 days