Can playing cards be recycled?

Can playing cards be recycled?

The cards are so non-toxic you could technically eat them (not that we recommend you try). But when you do need to finally retire or throw away an old deck, you can recycle it just like regular paper products. You can help simply by recycling your decks instead of throwing them away!

Can you recycle Match Attax cards?

As /u/RandianHero said, you can sell them (or donate them to goodwill or something). If you are just going to toss em, you'll have to put them in the trash though. They're impregnated with plastic so they're unsuitable for recycling.

What can you do with unwanted Pokemon cards?

Sell your unwanted Pokemon cards to CCG Castle! In top right corner you will find a special Buy List Cart that summarizes what you want to sell, and gives you a payout total. Then, simply follow the instructions and send the cards to us!

Is collecting Pokemon cards a good hobby?

Why collect Pokémon cards They're frigging cool and you know it! They're the ultimate nostalgic hobby. They can be worth a fortune. Values of sought after cards are only going to increase over time.