Are Shadow Pokemon cards real?

Are Shadow Pokemon cards real?

Both “Limited Editions” were “shadowless”—that is, there was no drop shadow underneath the art box on the right side of the card (note that shadows were only ever used on Pokémon themselves—trainer cards did not ever have shadows).

How do I know what edition my Pokemon cards are?

It's actually quite simple. On the card, usually on the left of the Pokémon information, there should be a label that says “1st edition.” In some other sets, there can also be a little sphere with a “1” and the letters above it. If you see that information, then the card you own is a first edition version.

Why are shadowless Pokemon cards worth more?

The population of shadowless cards that exist are very limited relative to the unlimited base set cards and they value anywhere from 3-6 times the amount of an unlimited card!! Hence, why this completed Base set, in it's condition, is being sold 3x the amount of a completed unlimited Base set.

How much is a shadowless Pokemon card worth?

Shadowless holographic cards rating a 9 or 10 from PSA sometimes have asking prices into the thousands on eBay, including this Blastoise and Charizard, but tend to hover under $1000, like this shadowless Venosaur. This "shadowless" Blastoise card is up on eBay for $2,700.