Are Pokemon promo cards worth anything?

Are Pokemon promo cards worth anything?

Answer: As mentioned in the article Pokémon promo cards are only worth what someone is willing to pay for. These values often change over time. Visiting eBay and searching for your item is a great way to get an idea what your card is worth.

What are the chances of getting a GX Pokemon card?

Sun and Moon – Burning Shadows GX rares have had a reported pull rate of approximately 1:9 packs, with URs (which includes not only full art Pokemon GX, but also certain full art trainers) having a greatly reduced pull rate of 1:18-36 packs. Secret Rares continue to have a pull rate of approximately 1:2 booster boxes.

What are promo cards?

Promotional cards or promos are Magic cards that are not normally found in regular sets. They can be obtained through giveaways, redemption programs or other such non-traditional sources.

How do you tell if a Pokemon card is a promo?

Older cards will have a promotional symbol beneath the set symbol, which you can find under the right corner of the Pokémon picture. Newer card promo symbols are in the bottom right corner of the card.