Are English or Japanese Pokemon cards worth more?

Are English or Japanese Pokemon cards worth more?

English cards are more expensive in general. If all you want to do is collect, Japanese is probably better to collect. The card quality is considered to be much better than English, the cards are cheaper, the sets come out months before they do in English, and they still do 1st edition print runs for Japanese.

Can you use Japanese Pokemon cards in America?

Any player may use Japanese Pokémon TCG cards, provided they meet the following requirements: The player has an English or local-language version of the card, outside of their deck, for reference, OR the player has a copy of the official Pokémon TCG Card-Dex, which can be downloaded at

Are Japanese Pokemon cards worth anything?

Once new cards are released in Japan, their value tends to shoot up dramatically and stay that way until finally being released in English. During that time, even unplayable Rare Rare (RR) and Super Rare (SR) are worth enough to increase in value when buying a Japanese booster box, which is about 30 USD in retail.

There are some rare Japanese cards worth money, but you can only get them at Japan's Pokemon Center. English cards are worth more money due to the low pull rate for rare cards, you could make your money back and then some with one pack of cards. Non-Graded, perfect condition, Japanese First Edition cards.