Are current Pokemon cards valuable?

Are current Pokemon cards valuable?

Though the individual cards may only be worth a few dollars at most, a complete collection of them can likely fetch a little higher of a price. That’s not a terrible idea for someone wanting to get rid of a bunch of common cards and turn a profit.

How much do original Pokemon cards sell for?

A set of Pokemon cards just sold for more than $100,000 at auction. A complete set of first-edition Pokemon cards from 1999 has sold for $107,010 at auction.

What original Pokemon cards are worth money?

And because their more rare, that greatly increases their values as well…1) First Edition Holographic Charizard. 2) First Edition Holographic Blastoise. 3) First Edition Holographic Chansey. 4) First Edition Holographic Hitmonchan. 5) First Edition Holographic Ninetales. 6) First Edition Holographic Alakazam.

Which Charizard cards are worth money?

Single Pokémon Cards Sold on eBay for Over $1000Lot TitleSold ForPokémon 1999 Charizard Base Set Shadowless Card Graded PSA 10$1,275.00Charizard Gold Star 100/101 Frontiers ULTRA RARE Pokémon Card PSA 10 GEM MINT$1,Pokémon Base Set 1st Edition Charizard Graded PSA 9 MINT First Shadowless$1,200.0027

How much is a generation 1 Charizard worth?

A 1999 Pokemon 1st Edition Charizard Holo graded BGS 10 sold for $55,650 on eBay.

How much is the rarest Pokemon card worth?

10 Rarest Pokémon Cards In The World (&How Much They’re Currently Worth)7 Prerelease Raichu ($10,000) 6 Hidden Fates Shiny Charizard GX ($10,000) 5 Tamamushi University Magikarp ($10,095) 4 Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard ($11,999) 2 Number Trainer Cards ($60,000) 1 1998 Pikachu Illustrator ($195,000)