Why is Comcast allowed to be a monopoly?

Why is Comcast allowed to be a monopoly?

What's more, your town almost certainly signed an agreement with comcast giving them that monopoloy in exchange for some money, public access channels, service guarantees, etc. So comcast is a monopoly in most locations. Because a monopoly means that there is no competition. Comcast has plenty of competition.

How can I tell if Comcast is available in my area?

To see if Comcast Xfinity services are available at your address, enter your zip code in the Internet service comparison tool at the top of this page. We will output all the providers in your area, including Xfinity availability, if applicable. Comcast Xfinity has the widest network availability in [ProviderTopStates.

Does Comcast have a loyalty department?

First things first, speak to the retention department. There's no one phone number for the retention department, but if you call their main number (1-800-XFINITY or 1-800-COMCAST or really whatever is on the bill), just answer the menu by telling them you want to cancel.

Why is there only one cable company in my area?

There are regional monopolies specifically because it is in the best interest of the cable companies, partially so they can set the price and quality of product to their choosing, but specifically because it is extremely costly to build a cable network.